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On green juice, cravings, bread, and lentil soup.

For the past several days my husband and I have been enjoying green juice for breakfast.  I have been following Daphne Oz’s recipe for “Glow Juice” from Relish.  Daphne calls for parsley, mint, kale, cucumber, apple, celery, and lemon.  The flavor of the drink changes slightly depending on the proportions of herbs you use and the juiciness of your produce.  Personally, I have found the particular bite that comes with extra parsley invigorating, especially first thing in the morning.  Both the mint and cucumber have a cooling effect on the drink (and the body), while the parsley, celery, and lemon give it a very clean taste.  Daphne’s recipe is perfect for those new to juicing or those folks who may feel reluctant about drinking their greens; the apple lends sweetness to the drink while the lemon and mint impart an accessible brightness.  However, I have recently found myself thirsty for plain water after drinking a cup.  I wonder why?  I have heard that after you get a massage you should drink a lot of water because your lymphatic system begins to detox and water aids in the process of elimination — perhaps I am noticing the symptoms of detox already?

I can tell you that I feel as though the change of seasons has affected the way I have been eating as well as what I have been craving,  I would say since the beginning of September, as if from the first suggestion of coolness in the air, I had started to prepare lots of winter squashes, sweet potatoes, apple cider, pumpkin, grains, stews, soups, bread, cookies, and the like.  However, I shamefully admit that my diet was lacking in fresh greens or any sort of raw meals.  I also fell off taking my vitamins because some of them were hard to swallow.  So, my body, as smart as it is, let me know what it needed by sending me cravings for, of all things, green juice!  Whether or not I can tell 3 days in what drinking it is actually doing for my body is yet to be seen, but I can tell you that I feel good knowing that I am starting my day with something so nutrient dense.  Whatever slip-ups or indulgences may come later in the day, I still feel more nutritionally well rounded than I had felt prior to this little endeavor.

On the flip side, I also baked a loaf of bread today, using commercial yeast rather than my precious starter that is now resting in the freezer until I am ready to take on a big sourdough project again in the future.  Again, I consulted Relish and cooked up, almost too quickly, a loaf that consisted of whole wheat flour, oats, sunflower seeds, wheat germ, ground flaxseed, and coarsely chopped walnuts.  The original recipe calls for honey, but we used agave as a substitute.  While I had high hopes for this loaf, I found myself somewhat unsatisfied with my results and even with the process.  Though the bread seemed to have a lot of potential on paper, and though I really appreciated Daphne’s inclusion of healthy ingredients (such wheat germ, which may be absent even in flours that claim to be whole wheat due to the fact that it turns rancid quickly — see Cooked for more details), I found that the little time allotted to kneading the dough and letting it rest resulted in a bread that seemed to lack soul, had less of a distinction between crust and crumb, and even had a less complex flavor profile despite all of its extra ingredients.  Oh, how I love the crunch that comes with biting into a good crusty piece of bread!  The experience was sorely missed today.  Though, I must say, the bread did stand up to a heavy slathering of raspberry jam and served as a satisfying late afternoon snack.

Now, a pot of lentils simmer away on the stove along with the essential onion, carrots, celery, bay leaf, and tomatoes in their juice.  All of the fixings for a humble but deeply satisfying lentil soup, to which I will later add a couple of small potatoes diced up & some herbs clipped fresh from the garden.

What foods have you been craving recently?  What are you eating for dinner tonight?

The herbs and lemon really give this juice its punch.
Glow Juice
How beautiful it is to start the day with something so colorful and vibrant in flavor as well.
We ate it anyway!

2 thoughts on “On green juice, cravings, bread, and lentil soup.

  1. Well, the green juice is pretty… but…. I don’t think I could handle it. The most I can do is totally unhealthy smoothies. But kudos to you for making what sounds like a lovely, upllfiting drink. It really, really sound tasty the way you write about it, but would probably make me throw up a little if I tried it. I don’t do well with chunks of things mashed up in my drinks – a texture problem, I suppose.

    Anyway, enough grossing you out, haha.

    I haven’t felt myself change with the seasons, but that’s probably because I’ve been waiting too long for fall. I live for this season – even if I have to pretend because it’s still so hot out. However, hot foods like soup are extra appealing anyway. My body still remembers how stressful Novembers were in school, so the echo of it must demand I fill my tummy with hearty, warm foods. Just writing this out makes me want some mashed potaoes. Uhhhhhhhhh.

    I understand what you mean about the bread, but this loaf does look really good! I’m glad you were still able to enjoy it!

  2. I always crave soups in the winter delicious and heart-warming! I would agree that winter time tends to make ya crave more hearty foods, such as breads, legumes, and potatoes! For dinner tonight I will be drinking a green juice as I am doing a 10 day cleanse! Great post and cheers 🙂

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