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a day well lived

I woke up from a beautiful dream in which I was in a pond or cove waiting for my husband; we were about to be married.  I remember the water vividly — an all encompassing blue that brought about such a real sense of peace and happiness.  My in-laws were with me, and I recall my father-in-law in particular telling me that my husband would soon be with me.  There may have been white flowers–definitely something white–with a lot of light in particular surrounding us.  Then I saw him.  My husband!  I gather that he was getting ready at a salon that happened to be near the cove, somewhere in between the rocks.  He appears to me so larger than life and yet as I have never known him — he looks just as I have seen in his pictures from the 1980s.  He has a pencil thin moustache, no beard, and very large black rimmed glasses, with short curly hair.  I look at his full, smiling face and larger than life cherub cheeks and am filled to the brim with joy, a calm joy, but also with slight confusion — where did your beard go?  I am puzzled to the point of laughter, and yet everything feels so right.  Upon waking I bask in the lingering feeling, roll to my side and feel grateful to see my husband’s face.  For a moment, I worry that he seems a bit thin compared to the jovially full picture of him that I conjured in my dream, but then I let go, and we begin our morning.

I walked with my daughter to the park today and we met a Slovakian woman and her 2 year old son.  We took turns rolling a soccer ball back and forth and talked about subjects as varied as giving birth to the weather.  The weather, by the way, has been extremely interesting these past few days.  Just when I felt myself growing accustomed to the colder temperatures, a warm spell moved in.  These days have felt like the humidity has been building upon itself, with a break more recently of intermittent rains.  The air seems to have personality, no longer still but windy.  We watch the clouds move and what could very well be turkey vultures flying overhead.

I clean, clean, clean during my daughter’s nap.  Changing the bed sheets and fluffing our pillows, washing and putting away dishes, folding and putting away laundry, sweeping, clearing away clutter in general.  I am feeling discipline shape me; I am imagining filling empty spaces with memories because we now have the space to make them.

Later, we go out to the garden and find many little surprises.  A few small and interesting tomatoes are growing.  The kale appears much bigger than it did even a week ago.  Our Brussels sprouts are not Brussels sprouts but broccoli, as I can now see by the little flowering head!

For dinner we eat curried kale and potatoes again.  We have a friend over for dessert and tea.  Freshly baked oatmeal chocolate chip walnut coconut cookies, and the tea chamomile and peppermint.

A day well lived, though I am left without much energy.  We even wore socks today.  My husband in ones too tight and the colors of the Irish flag, mine a dirty fuzzy pair in the image of cats.

Goodnight, and may your dreams be as sweet as mine.

Sweet potatoes
We dug up these sweet potatoes recently.

3 thoughts on “a day well lived

  1. You do realize that you’ve got to bust out some photo albums when I come to visit now >:) The way you described the dream was so fantastic – it’s one of those really great dreams that are worth remembering (so yay for recording it! How wonderful!).

    Having a schedule must be, in a sense, relaxing for you. It creates a certain amount of order that makes getting everything done both satisfying and efficient. Reading about you cleaning makes me want to tend to my own room, haha. It’s been sadly neglected in place of other pressing tasks. Good thing I have a few days off this week. I’m going to tear my room apart!

    I love the sweet potatoes!!!!! And the angel is so cute!

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