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Pasta e Ceci with time to spare

The most recent issue of Vegetarian Times features a hearty looking bowl of Pasta e Ceci (pasta with chickepas) on the cover with a hunk of brown bread alongside.  I have just finished cooking up a pot of the stuff to share with my husband for lunch, hopefully al fresco.  I took a trip outside to the garden earlier to snip some rosemary to sauté along with onions and I was surprised at how warm and sunny it felt, although there are some strong winds that I can see blowing now from my living room window.  Time will tell.  I can smell the heady fragrance of rosemary & onions lingering within the house.  Usually I’m so used to the smells of cooking that I don’t notice unless I have just been outside.  Yet, this particular aroma and also the smell of freshly baked bread hits me right away.  I will also add the scent of vanilla to that little list, as I remember using it recently in a batch of cookies and feeling so intoxicated by the scent.  I daubed a touch on my daughter playfully to wear as perfume.  She is very in touch with her sense of smell.  I noticed her early on in the garden rubbing the herbs as I do and lifting her fingers to her nose, taking little inhalations.  I love to share with her in such delightful sensory experiences.  For some reason those involving scent are the most exciting to me.  I feel as though the experience is somehow equal between us both.  Whereas I may not always know how she feels about a certain taste, with scent we seem to both acknowledge the experience immediately, sharing a common unsaid “Umm, that’s good!”

Later on, I will be making some cranberry sauce and stuffing with caramelized onions that can stand up to (if not get better with) the little time between today and Thanksgiving.  I wish all of you a happy holiday, with plenty of delicious and healthy food, quality time with those you love, and yes, even relaxation!

Now I’m going to go and do my best to wait on eating a warm bowl of Pasta e Ceci until my husband arrives!


2 thoughts on “Pasta e Ceci with time to spare

  1. That sounds so good! Chickpeas are the most delicious things ever. And to have pasta with herbs fresh from the garden? Woah. That sounds lovely.

    !!! Vanilla is very powerful, you know? When I went to St. Augustine for a writer’s conference, there was a lady on one of the panels who said that smelling vailla inspires creativity. She passed around a bottle of vanilla for each of us to dap a bit on our middle fingers – because, as she sadi, writers touch or go near their faces while working, so that spot is enough for you to get a whiff while writing.

    I love what you said about you and Piper sharing scent experiences. Wait ’till she gets older – you’ll have to take her to the perfume counters so you guys can squeeze and crinkle your noses (and get excited when something DOES smell good, haha).

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