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On our weekend, and a word about eggs.

On Saturday we spent many an hour drawing around my parents’ breakfast nook table with our triplet nephews.  Those smart (soon to be 6 year old) boys thoroughly enjoyed creating their own picture books about the Ninja Turtles, the Three Billy Goats Gruff, and even grocery shopping!  For the latter, they wrote the words CVS Pharmacy and Publix Food & Pharmacy with the utmost care so as not to crowd the letters; their spelling skills certainly made me a proud auntie.  I loved my time with them!  I can tell how much they have grown since starting school, because they are more concerned with staying in the lines when coloring and with making sure their letters turn out just so.  I gently encouraged them when they thought they had made a mistake — I want to make sure they keep all that wonderful creativity alive, and see to it that they see the positivity and opportunity in all of their endeavors.

I love my old room back home because even as my parents change it, the space still feels like my own.  The creamy deep green walls and the long, sheer curtains with falling leaves on them make me feel cozy as well as peaceful.  The quilt on my bed I have used for as long as I can remember.  However, my favorite aspect of the room has to be the paintings.  I can think of two off the top of my head that really contribute to the energy of the room.  One painting shows a girl in a dress kneeling on grass, surrounded by what look like wild dogs or wolves, and yet with her they are tame.  Another painting is of a castle and someone riding horseback.  While the first painting makes me think of Native American artwork & symbolism, the second seems to evoke some place in the French countryside.  The two fit together in their adventuresome themes. 

We bought some groceries so that I can begin cooking from Ottolenghi’s book.  I think I will start with some really simple recipes.  I bought ingredients for at least one of the polenta recipes, and I am also intrigued with his semolina soup.  It seems really creamy and comforting.  We also bought loads of dried beans–French lentils, black lentils, fava beans, mung beans, chickpeas, etc.  I want to cook up a big, big batch and have on hand all week to nibble on and use in recipes, like hummus and ful. 

I have mentioned before that we have been vegan for some time.  Recently, though, we have come to a decision based on much reflection between the two of us.  We came to learn that a couple from our local farmer’s market sells infertile eggs laid by a few ducks kept by a woman they know.  Our reasoning has been, since the eggs are infertile and the ducks are well cared for and free, and the woman has no intention of ever eating them — then we feel OK about enjoying some.  However, we still don’t feel okay about eating eggs that come from industrial agriculture, and we are still reluctant to eat eggs–even if they are local–that are possibly fertile.  The couple at the farmer’s market has been very understanding, but has brought up a valid point… the way that we want to eat eggs may not be natural.  If we only want infertile eggs, where do all the roosters and male ducks etc. go?  This concerns me, and I’m mulling it over.  We do know a family who claims to be able to tell what eggs are fertile as well as infertile, and she is able to keep the males around.  These people really respect the animals that provide for them, and they don’t intend on ending their lives just because they get old, or stop laying.  As for dairy–we still have not introduced this back into our diets.  I know that the dairy industry is linked with the veal industry.  Other than that, I feel sensitive about the idea of separating a baby from its mama so that I can drink its milk,  Also, I’m pretty sure that it takes a lot more milk than I once thought to make things like cheese and butter.  That’s where we are right now.  I feel like I want to say: this is just our path and our choice in life, and we don’t intend on forcing our views on anyone.  However, I felt this little aside was necessary since I do intend on writing a lot about cooking.  I figure it is important for readers to know the nature of the posts to come, and for those who know us as strict vegans to learn of the changes we have made.  We hope to continue living peaceably and compassionately, all the while having the courage to change when it’s right to, so that we can continue to grow as people.

OK!  Goodnight, all!


2 thoughts on “On our weekend, and a word about eggs.

  1. I’m glad your room continues to bring you comfort. As to your vegan views, no one can deny your genuineness and ethical standpoint once they get to know you! Thank you!

  2. I didn’t know there was such a thing as infertile eggs. I learn something new from your blog every day 🙂

    Since my undergrad days of eating eggs every single morning (to the point where the cafeteria ladies would scoop me a plate as soon as they saw me coming), I really haven’t eaten much eggs as they are scrambled. This has to do with the fact that I’m lazy (I don’t have the energy or time to make them in the morning, unless I developed a microwave version of cooking them… which I wish I remember. My junior high Home Ec teacher taught us how and I lost the recipe). The other part is sticking with my casual vegan lifestyle 🙂 I call it casual because I don’t deny myself any type of food, but am resolved to eating vegan during the week for my main meals and making better choices in general when going out ot eat (like trading a beef burito for a bean burito, etc). This is how I’ve fallen in love with falafels, haha. I’ve never felt healthier. It’s wonderful.

    Although I’ve been eating a lot of my mom’s vegan cookies, I’m starting to yearn for regular cookies again. This is literally the only craving I’ve had for “the bad stuff” and I guess it has more to do with my love of new flavors and textures (vegan cookies don’t vary much) than anything else. And cookies use eggs, or egg whites, so I guess I eat them that way when I bite into a gooey cookie, haha.

    I’m glad that you’re thinking about all these different aspects of food – food is such a fascinating topic, and it’s no wonder you’re coming across these things since you’ve been devouring cookbooks and trying all these cool recipes. I’m sure you and your husband will always make the best decisions, no matter what they are 🙂

    Awww, I remember your room! The wall color stuck out to me the most, but I don’t recall the paintings. They sound inspiring. It’s nice to come back to a familair place. The energy we left there must linger 🙂 Is that a good explanation for why Disney keeps rocking my socks? Haha!

    Keep cooking, m’dear! I can’t wait to see how you use all those beans 😀

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