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on morning walks, the comforts of Colcannon, lemongrass tea and lentil soup.

My daughter is still asleep and I’m sitting in the rocking chair in our room sneaking in a post before the morning begins.  Today, as yesterday, we will eat breakfast together before we bundle up and head out for the neighborhood park.  We will greet the dogs that bark and sniff us genially as we pass by.  We will listen to the cardinals chirping and the squirrels rustling in the fallen leaves.  Then, once inside the park, we will run around together on one of the largest fields that we know of in this city, and when we’re tired, we’ll pick tiny flowers for each other.  I, like always, will stop for a moment, inhale the cold air, and feel alive.

Yesterday, once we returned home, I set to cleaning some organic Yukon gold potatoes that had been sitting in a corner of the kitchen for a week or so.  Once clean, I left the soft skins on and simply quartered them, placed them in a pot of cold water, and brought them to boil (and then proceeded to salt the water before I forgot).  We would eat Colcannon (creamy Irish mashed potatoes with kale, green onions, and parsley) for lunch.  I thought I would use whatever leftover kale we had in the fridge, but upon looking I found none.  I then took my daughter outside to the garden and to our greatest happiness we found plenty of kale for our recipe!  I knew that my husband had been picking at the greens for some time, but this would be my first time using the fresh leaves.  I also snipped a good bit of green bunching onion tops, and a tiny amount of parsley for garnish (we had less of this than all the rest).  Once I could just stick a fork through the potatoes while maintaining their shape, I drained them and set some almond milk to simmer.  I added the chopped kale and onion tops, let them warm through, and then added the potatoes.  We mashed, added more almond milk & vegan butter, mashed some more.  We added salt and pepper to taste and finally, the Colcannon was done!  A knob more of butter in the center and we started to eat.  My daughter, who helped with stirring every now and then, took handfuls of the stuff and pushed it into her mouth.  I’m so glad that she enjoyed it, as the greens are so healthy.  Also, she can at times be a picky eater, so to see her eat with such zest pleased me!

While cooking dinner later on, I heated up a big pot of fresh lemongrass tea for my husband and I, to both soothe us and perk us up from our long days. I love the snappy lemon scent that bursts from the leaves as soon as they are snipped.  Dinner was lentil soup with beautifully tiny French green lentils, lots of celery, and some tiny carrots from our garden (along with some parsnips from the fridge, since we had no fresh carrots otherwise).  These days I have been falling asleep shortly after dinner, though I know it’s not good to eat and sleep.  Maybe I’m getting adjusted to the weather changes!

I hear my daughter stirring… good morning, and may you have a beautiful day to come!

Onion tops and kale
Fresh from our garden
Nothing like warm mashed potatoes on a cold day.


5 thoughts on “on morning walks, the comforts of Colcannon, lemongrass tea and lentil soup.

  1. AHHHHH Colcannon! I’ve never had it, but the minute you said mashed potatoes, I was drooling at my desk. Well, I still am. That picture of it looks a-mazing *_*

    Lemograss is awesome. I actually have a roll-on perfume that I got a while back at my health food store that smells of slightly sugary lemongrass. It smells clean, yet still a bit feminine, and it’s so much fun to wear. Like the magical properties of vanilla, I suppose, lemongrass can wake you up and get the brain flowing.

    Sounds like you’ve been spending some lovely winter days with your daughter 🙂

  2. This sounds like a wonderful day. Little as she is, I still believe you are creating lovely memories for your daughter. I hope to do the same for my own children someday.

    P.S. And a happy (very) belated birthday to you!

  3. really nice descriptions of nutritional food creativity using special vegan cooking strategy and inhouse or rather backyard food enhancers. Wren, I hope you’re considering sending at least a few of your blogs to Vegan and non-vegan cooking magazines…. content and style are definitely professional-writer-worthy. Nothing to lose, everything to gain, with persistence and faith, special opportunities will come.

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