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On family, food, health & the weather.

Tea, miso soup, and leftover black-eyed peas seem to sum up the past two days.  My poor husband, Will, came down with the worst cold that I’ve seen him with yet.  He is currently at the clinic, though I have been trying to be the best nurse to him that I can while he’s home.  I made a pot of soup for him yesterday, hot with lots of immune boosters such as garlic, grated ginger, and onion.  I stirred in a couple of tablespoons of chickpea miso (rich in good bacteria), added a few pieces of tofu, and finished it all off with a sprinkling of green onion slices.  I love to slurp plain miso soup hot from a mug.  The second best way to drink miso soup is in a small bowl, with the appropriate wide spoon that you find in Asian restaurants for this very meal, quietly.  In this manner I served Will his soup, along with a hot mug of organic green tea.  As for myself, I have seen enough–and eaten enough–black-eyed peas for the entire year.  I have been nibbling off of the Hoppin’ John that I made on New Year’s Eve and honestly can say that I have had my fill!  Our daughter, on the other hand, has really shown an increase in appetite.  She has been enjoying warm chickpeas and cumin, the aforementioned black-eyed peas, coconut yogurt, popcorn, hummus with cucumbers, apples and pears, curried lentil rice bites, noodles, crackers, and more.  Also, I think I’ve had a revelation–it’s so easy to just slice up some fruit and take it along with us when we are on the go.  I’ve always thought dry snacks were easier, or even those little pouches, but I think she gets much more joy out of what she’s used to at home.  Someone knock on some wood somewhere, because I’m ecstatic about all of this. 

I finished reading Under the Tuscan Sun last night while curled up on the couch eating vegan marshmallows (though I’d much rather have been nibbling some bruschetta).  I enjoyed the book thoroughly, and feel bittersweet about having finished–I definitely recommend it to anyone with an interest in Italy, following your whims, food and travel writing, or escaping to Tuscany for a while.

Yesterday I jogged around 8am to begin my year of shaping up.  Certainly I’m seeking balance as I have already admitted to you that I’ve been snacking on marshmallows, and while we’re at it, matzo and noodles as well.  However, I do plan to continue with the exercise and I’ve come home from the grocery store with a lot of produce for juicing.  I think it can only help my husband feel better and fight this cold, boost my own immune system and perhaps give me the extra energy I need to work out.  I’m at the point where I know I have to do this for myself.  Even though I weigh 125lbs, I’m still not quite in the shape I used to be in, and my energy seems to wax and wane at times. 

We are coming along slowly, but surely.  The beginning of a new year comes with its own obstacles and lessons, and I’m already feeling more philosophic than usual.  I already wonder, what have we to learn from this?  The weather seems appropriate; clouds releasing all of their extra water in beautiful dark rains that make way for surprisingly lovely breezes and sunshine.  Today feels as though I’m sitting along the shore, the intermittent showers like a spray of seawater, the balmy air blowing gently, invitingly…


2 thoughts on “On family, food, health & the weather.

  1. Yes, finding balance and keeping up with the goals we’ve had in 2013 seems to be the early theme of 2014. I’m falling a bit behind on my own exercising, but it’s got more to do with an unexpected vacation than me being lazy while on my regular schedule. I should be back to work next week, with my writing and exercising back to normal.

    Well, marshmallows in any form are delicious. Can’t complain about that 🙂 I’m glad that Piper is trying new foods too!

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