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Morning reflections on a gray day

We woke before the sun.  I urged Will not to tell me the time, though I could see the first glimmers of light begin to appear, casting warm shadows in our room.  Both of us knew that Piper would not be going back to sleep.  I whispered to her quietly, and she spoke to me earnestly, offering up sweet answers to my silly morning questions.  I always love when children first start to develop speech, how they intonate and imitate, and express themselves with such sincerity.  Sometimes I am able to separate myself just enough to where I can truly appreciate our daughter’s voice; if I try, it is as though I hear it for the first time.  I can see her in my mind’s eye, and feel her presence in my heart.  She smiles as she speaks, and often tilts her head to one side and bats her eyelashes, as if she has seen many glamorous old Hollywood movies and is practicing being coy.  She looks so much like my husband, and yet I know she possesses much of my own traits and tendencies as well.  This morning I held her close and we read a couple of books in bed, as she was just calm enough to sit through a story or two.  I thought about going for a jog, as it still looked fairly dark outside and the feeling of running through the cool morning dew seemed so invigorating, though as the morning developed we ended up spending most of the time all snuggled in bed.  Now she sleeps deeply, quite surprising to me–though perhaps it shouldn’t be, as she did wake up much earlier than usual.  The sky does look a bit dreary outside and it has rained once already.  These days do tend to turn people back to their beds, 16 months old or not.  I myself have enjoyed spending the time reading and tidying up slowly.  A load of laundry churns in the washer as I write.  Today’s calm stands in stark contrast to yesterday’s frenetic pace, and I enjoy the variety immensely.  I hear my sweet girl waking up.  Time to begin the second phase of the morning–a warm brunch is in order–enjoy your day!


One thought on “Morning reflections on a gray day

  1. She’s starting to talk? Wow, that’s so exciting! I see what you mean with the fall of the early morning, urging you to go jogging, but it sounds like you had a fun morning anyway. I can’t wait to see you soon! 😀

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