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Books, thoughts, mornings.

Another dreamily quiet morning folding laundry as the sun plays peekaboo through the drifting clouds.  My mind drifts, too.  I have finished reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Eat, Pray, Love, another travelogue, this one of the physical and personal kind.  Liz, as she refers to herself in the book, begins her journey in Italy; I thought after reading Under the Tuscan Sun that this would be a natural transition, though I found myself missing Mayes’s voice and particularly, her care with detail. I eventually realized that the beauty in Gilbert’s story lies in the author’s clear growth that spans throughout, as she makes her way to India and finally, Indonesia.  The book is less about the physical experience within these countries and more about the symbolic backdrop they provide for the author on her quest.  I’m almost certain that my favorite portion of the book are the chapters where Liz is in India.  She seems to struggle the most, and eventually, grow the most, while she’s there.  It’s odd, but I felt as though I couldn’t quite catch up with her voice as a writer until this point.  I won’t go on with anymore details as I don’t want to give away the ending for those who haven’t read it.  I’m done now and have already started reading yet another book involving a foreign country, this one an old one by Donald Grant titled White Goats and Black Bees, where the author and his wife leave 1970s New York city comfort behind to become farmers in rural Ireland, more specifically in Dooneen.  I read mostly at night, though not always.  It’s interesting to me the speed at which we can finish some books but not others.  I guess that it took me such a long time to finish Under the Tuscan Sun because of those details that I love so much, as profuse and abstruse as they may be sometimes.

Well, it is clear that I have taken a break from folding the laundry, isn’t it? 

This morning I arrived at the gym around 6:30am, after driving through the dark and clouds of mist to get there.  So few people and cars were on the roads, and the moon was still visibly glowing; something felt so special about this.  I warmed up on the treadmill and proceeded to jog for the next 20 or so minutes, watching through the window as the birds flew across the lake and the sky went from dark to light with the rising of the sun.  I cooled down with some yoga.  This time I brought jogging pants to pull over my shorts, ha!  That was much more comfortable to be sure.  I returned home to my beautiful husband and daughter, happy though still wearing the look of sleep on their faces.  I love to start my days early, and end my days as the sun sets.  I’m awfully boring that way, though it makes me feel wonderful and in rhythm with nature. 

We’ve been working in the kitchen forever.  I’m going to begin meal planning again until I feel comfortable with the contents of the pantry and fridge.  We found three bags of celery the other day and two bags of carrots just from the disorganization of it all.  Meal planning helps me to manage my time and create space through using up ingredients that have been around for a while, or that we have double of.  Which reminds me–I should get to it!


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