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For my love, and notes from Valentine’s day.

My affection and love for my husband grows with the years that we share together.  In many ways, our life is more complex now than when we first met.  We used to take off to the beach some evenings just to feel the caress of water and watch the sky turn colors as the sun set.  We leaned into each other as we sat on barstools at our favorite Cuban restaurant.  We rode tandem around the lake, went to the local theater and listened to the organist play before the film began to roll, jumped on trees on hikes and went to early morning yoga classes during folk festivals.  We certainly still have our fun, though we now bring along our beautiful bundle of energy — our daughter, Piper.  Giving birth to and raising our daughter has shown me my own previously unknown depths as well as those of my life partner.  She makes us stronger people through showing us our untapped reservoirs of patience, love, and energy.  What we thought we had before has grown, and what has grown will continue to grow as our family does.  Still, I find solace in a quiet night with my husband, snacking on salted popcorn, watching a movie in bed while our daughter sleeps.  And still, I see the man I first fell in love with so many years ago.  Bluest of eyes, built like a gazelle–strong yet graceful.  Thoughtful at the piano, always listening to Billy Joel or Genesis or Chopin or Satie’s Gymnopedie No. 1.  I love you so much, Will — I’m watching!

Valentine’s day together as a family was blissful.  The morning flowed effortlessly into night, highlighted by a beautiful picnic together at the park.  I spent the morning baking while my two loves napped.  I adapted a recipe from Heidi Swanson’s Super Natural Every Day cookbook — a buttermilk cake with cultured soymilk instead of the dairy, and sweet local strawberries rather than plums.  The 11 inch tart pan is of the utmost importance with this cake.  I’ve made the original before just using a pie dish and while that was good enough, it wasn’t nearly as pretty.  We whipped up some coconut cream (as Angela Liddon of www.ohsheglows.com suggests for those avoiding dairy) and stirred in some maple syrup (as Heidi suggests you make your whipped cream in Super Natural Every Day) to top off our slices.  Will put together a mouthwatering arugula and green leaf lettuce salad flecked with sunflower seeds and a dilly citrus dressing to start things off, then we indulged in slurps of spaghetti marinara a la Lady and the Tramp, with a glass of red table wine and later a glass of Riesling with our dessert.  We went to bed full and basking in the magic of the evening.

How was your Valentine’s day?

A heart of strawberries makes a sweet treat for Valentine’s day
From Will — how lucky am I?
A quick lentil and barley soup/stew that we toted over to the park for a midday meal.
Mrs. Pac-man?

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