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Thoughts on a Saturday, after the market.

Another Saturday at the market reminds me that our long week is coming to a close.  Our days have been peppered with visits from both of our families, much to our little one’s delight.  She thrives amidst all of the play and attention.  My mother-in-law often brings lovely one of a kind treats for us — a set of ceramic mixing bowls or an heirloom wooden salad bowl that has seen many family meals and is traditionally rubbed with a clove of garlic, and recently, a thin and colorful cloth that my husband grew up with, to be spread on tables or used on picnics.  Already we have used the sheet a few times, once on our Valentine’s afternoon picnic, and once more folded up as a cushion to make a cozy seat for Piper in her wagon on the way to the park just yesterday morning.  Unfolded, we spread it out across a warm patch of dry grass and sat upon it together, sharing a quick bite and imagining ourselves at the beach.  I love that we can continue to weave memories into this beautifully threadbare cloth.

Soon after I awoke this morning, I unrolled my yoga mat and released myself into my practice.  I felt a bit stiff at first as I went to the gym midday yesterday, but soon into my practice I began to feel better.  Reclining twists felt especially wonderful, as my back fell into alignment and all those organs in my tummy were massaged and primed for breakfast.  In downward facing dog, I could feel my hamstrings and calves stretch deliciously as I pressed back into my heels.  Meanwhile, Piper crawled through my legs and Will sat in the rocking chair sketching us.  I love these moments especially.

I do wish to take my practice further.  When I was 18 or so I would practice every morning in the studio, and then in college I took an academic course (which I loved because it followed my astronomy class, and I always felt so dreamy and elevated afterward).  Now to practice takes more of an effort and more planning, just as it is a more solitary endeavor, but I do intend to develop the discipline and perhaps the rest will fall into place.

We took home from the market two red bell peppers, a medium sized Calabaza, some little broccoli florets, and an avocado or two.  We also shared a juicy star fruit.  Now my babes are sleeping and I have some time to write, listen to music, and reflect.

Have a great week’s end.


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