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On wishing

Monday 9:30 AM.  I think about how my daughter and I will laugh as we throw pennies into the fountain at a nearby outdoor shopping plaza.  I have seen the coins shining there in the water before, though only recently thought to reach into an old change purse and cast a wish myself.  I have seen the fountain in a general sense for a long time: there’s the water where the children love to play, or there’s where they put the Christmas tree each December.  Recently, I felt thoughtful when looking into the water at the glimmering coins.  There didn’t seem to be too many.  As a child, there, too was a fountain in the mall where I grew up.  Peering inside, it seemed to glisten like the scales of a fish from all of the coins lining the bottom.  These sweet memories, as well as the thought that perhaps people believe a bit less in wishing or whimsy, and a personal swelling of wishes within myself, compelled me to continue the tradition with my daughter.  Sometimes I’ll laugh quietly as I throw in 25cents and think about nonattachment, to things like consumerism that is.  Perhaps I have always been somewhat of a dreamer, as I can now recall writing my own small yearnings on a slip of paper in which I pressed into a crack in the Wailing Wall while in Jerusalem, an infinitesimal thing among thousands of others.  Over the years, I’m certain that I have seen some of my wishes come to fruition, while others have not (at least not yet).  Still, I’m not sure I cast wishes because I need them to come true, or because I’d like my desires to become clear to me–voiced, so that I myself may acknowledge them, work with them, or simply let them go. 

This week I hope to make a trip to the library to return some books and take out others.  I have at least two that have been recommended to me by a dear friend of mine.  If the weather seems nice this week, I would very much enjoy one or two meals outside.  I hope for all the energy I need to keep up with my fast growing daughter, who seems already half my height and longs for me to pick her up again and again so she can slide ecstatically down the slides at the playground.  For her, I go to the gym.  I hope to listen to beautiful music, share laughter and smiles with my family, finger paint with Piper (we are quite the creative duo), and keep this lived-in house clean so that we can all rest easily and have space for our wishes to take root and grow.

WISHING you all a magical week ahead, filled with joy and needs met.  May you find happiness in the present moment, and yet never feel too old to yearn for and chase your heart’s truest desires. 

Until the next time!

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