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Signs of Spring

A spring day in Florida feels much like today; gentle sunshine, balmy beach air, and the delicate yellow blossoms of the Golden Trumpet tree ceremoniously bursting forth and blanketing the grass.  I am in love with this tree that seems to herald the coming of Spring.  In a few days time, you can watch the bare tree come to life–a blossom here, there, and then suddenly– blossoms in such bright abundance that the tree beckons to you from blocks away to come closer and admire one of the soft flowers within your hands.

Another delight to behold are the velvety pink hibiscus blossoms that have come into bloom on the bushes just outside the front door.  I love the wild insides, what botanists properly know as the style, anthers, and stigma.  How can anyone, bee or person, resist such a colorful and open invitation?

Even our aloe, muted in color only a week ago, glows a healthy green and looks quite full and snappy.

Just yesterday afternoon, a wonderful incident occurred outside our very bedroom window: first, a sound similar to a knock caught my attention–startled me, even.  As I turned to see what had caused the noise, what do you think I should discover but a ruddy red cardinal pecking at the glass, trying to catch some sort of insect trapped within the panes!  The little bird took my breath away.  I watched cautiously with my daughter from the opposite end, studying his dark face and tufted head.  Only moments later, outside our other window, we could hear the female thrashing around in the shrubbery, indulging in her own meal no doubt.

I have been fortunate to observe many birds over the years (flycatchers, blue jays, white pelicans, roseate spoonbills, pileated woodpeckers, and those bitty ones we endearingly call butter-butts, to name a few) but my most frequent visitor is certainly a pair of cardinals, though never before have I been so close to one.  I would like to create a space for them to feed and bathe, so that I might watch them often.

The changing of the seasons is always a pleasurable time, one filled with much momentum and excitement.  My spirit thrives in such a state, as I am offered an opportunity to reflect, adapt, and grow with all around me.


5 thoughts on “Signs of Spring

  1. what a lovely write. I dont know if spring has arrived here yet but I’m ready anytime it cares to sprout forth!

    We saw a two hawks and two cardinals the other day when we went to a cafe in a forest-like area.

    I am ready for milder days…and travel, photography, and breathing! I hope you share some pictures of your blooms. I was just outside taking pictures of all the dead plants and shrubs, including my precious lemon tree and I dont know if it will grow again.

  2. thank you, dear one , for the pictures. I esp love that yellow trumpet..omg..it is beautifulous! there is one picture (the second of the trumpet) that looks like a heart-shaped cloud hovers over the tree.

    You have inspired me to write something on spring..maybe later, when i can buy the plants that remind me of my childhood when i lived in mexico.

    1. Thanks–the name refers to the yellow warbler. My husband taught me about it. Looking forward to reading more of your writing 🙂 Goodnight Tonia!

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