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Breakfast indulgences and garden notes on a rainy Thursday afternoon

We are enjoying a gloriously rainy morning, complete with rolling clouds and claps of thunder.  Holed up in the house, I spent the morning feeding Piper hot pancakes, scrambled eggs (from beautiful local hens), strawberry slices and orange juice.  I’m in the mood for breakfast lately, and frequently indulging in long drawn out meals with all the fixings: think maple syrup, avocado on toast, cinnamon sprinkled liberally atop the warm, plush pancakes.  What I really yearn for is some Scottish oatmeal, prepared as for Nigel Slater on his trip to Scotland to find the perfect bowl of porridge.  I just love creamy oatmeal, and cannot feign satisfaction for long with steel cut, though I know it is healthier.  Somehow when I cook the steel cut variety, I’m always stuck with granules of oats that feel more like rice than proper porridge.

Our garden must be enjoying all of this rainwater.  I’ve been pecking around in the backyard more lately, harvesting broccoli and plenty of tomatoes.  Some of our plants have gone to seed, and I can see that now is a time of transition for our little kitchen garden.  Soon we will have to collect and sow new seeds, compost old and dying plants, weed, spread a new cover of hay down, and get ready for spring gardening in general.

I will leave you with the video of Nigel Slater and his perfect bowl of porridge: until the next time, enjoy your days!

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