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The garden, the kitchen, the belly.

On Friday I donned my husband’s old hat, a pair of green gardening gloves, some well worn sandals, and set out to weed our garden.  With Hori-Hori knife in hand, I worked through the quadrants; a good pair of gloves and a proper knife help immensely in the taming of unruly land.  I enjoy the quiet time outside.  I spent a while untangling tomato branches and training them up their cages, one flowering, fruiting vine at a time.  I harvest tomatoes nearly every other day now; plums, cherries, and others even smaller.  Last week we ate them in a salad with corn, avocado, basil, and a bit of lemon juice (my mother suggested this simply satisfying meal after seeing it on Food Network).  This week I feel like following Heidi Swanson’s recipe for roasting the little halved tomatoes in the oven along with a touch of maple syrup.  She puts them into a black bean salad, but I bet they would taste delicious just on a piece of toast as well.

Tomato, corn, and avocado salad with basil and lemon juice.

A day trip out of town found us indulging on a wonderful variety of vegan fare; the small town we currently live in lacks even a vegetarian restaurant.  We ate raw flax crackers, a bowl of tearfully hot bean and tempeh chili, salad topped with the freshest, crispest bean sprouts, sunflower seeds, and mint with ginger peanut dressing, an almond butter and vegan marshmallow fluff sandwich on toasted sourdough with chocolate sauce alongside for dipping, cold sesame noodles, kale and orzo salad, green beans and butternut squash, a coconut yogurt parfait with layers of granola and sliced banana, hummus and eggless egg salad wraps, and cold pressed juices with names like Beetnik and Morning Glory.  We were kids in a candy shop — what can I say?

If anything, I’m motivated again to incorporate as many healthy ingredients into our meals as possible.  It’s so easy to sneak greens into a soup or stew, crisp up some oven baked kale chips, run some produce through the juicer (or blender, or even hand chop a salad).  I’ve also been soaking more dried beans overnight to cook each morning.  I find that if I prep beans like this once every few days, I can have enough to use in various recipes throughout the week — and, as I’ve gone on about before, they taste supreme.  Yesterday at the grocery store I took a peek at their nutritional information, and from what I could tell, one serving provides 15% of our daily value of iron!  Keep in mind that soaking beans (and sprouting them, too) only helps to break down their enzyme inhibitors, rendering their nutrients more accessible and digestible.

I’m off to put a load of laundry in the washer, warm up some lunch for Will, and daydream more about food while our little one takes her afternoon nap.  Until the next time —


4 thoughts on “The garden, the kitchen, the belly.

    1. Hi Robin, we ate at the Dandelion Communitea Café and The Juice Bar, as well as a few snacks from Whole Foods & the flax crackers from a farmer’s market.

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