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Spring in our steps – how our garden grows – kale chips.

In celebration of the arrival of Spring, we enjoyed an energetic morning filled with sunny yellow play dough, flower seeking in the garden, and plenty of healthy snacks to fuel our play.  I do believe that specific days, such as full or new moons, solstices and equinoxes, often bring with them a tangible shift in energy that effects many of us.  Today my daughter and I kept moving late into the afternoon, when she eventually fell asleep.  I buzzed in the kitchen since daybreak, putting together the play dough by hand, simmering a pot of chickpeas, baking kale chips, and throwing together an impromptu shiitake mushroom and shredded carrot miso soup for Will’s lunch.  Outside, the real bees worked hard gathering pollen from all the clover flowers in the yard.  I would have liked to stay and watch them, though decided with a toddler nearby I had better leave them safely to their work.  We did find plenty of flowers in the garden: borage, dill, pepper and even something pink and prickly that may just be a baby pineapple!  I’m excited about the new growth.  Seated near the herb garden, I tore off a small piece of spring onion greens to eat.  I often forget how much we have outside, though today I am reminded and as such, recommitted to using our kitchen garden much more often.

Piper’s taste for kale chips has been a pleasant surprise.  I’m proud to say she ate plenty of them for lunch along with broccoli, chickpeas, and a few crackers.  I rinsed and dried the kale well, tore the greens into bite sized pieces, tossed them in a tablespoon or so of spicy toasted sesame oil and lots of nutritional yeast, and then spread the pieces evenly along two baking sheets.  Put the kale into a 325 degree oven for 10-15 minutes; your chips are done when the greens are crisp.  The drier your kale and the more evenly you spread the greens along the pans, the crispier your chips will be.  Every oven is different and so you may want to experiment with temperature and bake time.  I use an entire head of kale to feed the three of us.

Until the next time–Happy Spring!


2 thoughts on “Spring in our steps – how our garden grows – kale chips.

  1. Wren, you are inspirational!  I am very excited about the kale chip recipe you posted.  They were so easy and absolutely delicious!  I ate the whole pan all by myself.   Thank you! 

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