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Notes and daydreams

Outside this afternoon I harvested a fair amount of small red tomatoes; Piper threw in a couple of green ones for good measure.  As we walked through the garden path I also noticed several thin green chili peppers growing, as well as little green pods interspersed throughout our flowering cilantro plant.  Dried, I imagine they are what we know in the kitchen as coriander seeds.  Our kale has turned bitter and our broccoli is bolting quicker than we can harvest the heads.  I enjoy our bright orange nasturtiums.  Last week we ate the flowers, petal by spicy petal.  Piper tromped through the herb garden and I took a closer look at the buds forming on our green onions.  Will noticed them last weekend.  I love onion flowers; the purple orbs seem to defy gravity as they perch on their slender and hollow stalks.  Speaking of perch, we saw a flock of ibises walking through the front and back yard today.  We watched as they made their way down the road and into the neighbors’ yards, apparently in search of more grub.

I have been daydreaming about a visit to the beach.  Will is an excellent swimmer, and can even swim butterfly style in the ocean.  I used to hold on to him as we both delved underwater, swimming like sea turtles together.  He is a Florida guy through and through, having won sandcastle competitions, scalloped along shorelines and ventured out on sailboats and surfboards.  His skin seems ever sun-kissed and freckled.  He talks about sea cigars and knows to break sand dollars open to find a confetti of birds.  He looks for lucky shells he calls boats.  I look as sand crabs burrow into the ground, and listen to waves through the mouth of a conch pressed against my ear.  Piper can finally meet a sandpiper…

On those notes, I’d better start winding down for the evening.  Have a good night, and sweet dreams.

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