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The best of intentions for tomorrow morning.

Our freshly cut lawn tempts me to spend all day outside, relishing the warm weather.  Tomorrow morning I’d like to wake up earlier than everyone else, and spend some quiet time in the garden.  When the sun comes out and the air turns hot around midday, it’s much easier to play than to crouch over weeds.  I like being awake when everything else is just beginning to stir around me.  First the birds begin peeping, and then a squirrel or two scurry around in the tree leaves.  The air feels so still and clean.  Only the low hum of a car engine in the distance sounds the beginning of a busy new day for some other early riser.

I’d like to sort through our old terra cotta and cracked plastic pots, empty the dried weeds into a bin for yard waste, and clear the overgrown areas in our kitchen garden and former sweet potato plot.  Cleared of clover and dandelions, our plant rack will be more accessible and ready to hold new sprouts in the shade.  Walking along the garden path, I’ll examine closely each leaf and sprig, tending to those plants that need extra care, and making notes of those ready to harvest.  At mealtime I’ll return to the garden, picking those herbs or vegetables that are ready, and use them at their peak of ripeness.  I’ve cooked with many chili peppers, tomatoes, and spring onions recently.

I’m uncertain if I’ll really finish all that I set out to do tomorrow morning; it’s so nice to meander, after all.  Yet anything that I’m able to accomplish I feel will be an improvement to the backyard, and time well spent.  I’ll remember to use my gloves and a good pair of long pants and shoes, since I’m still easily frightened by spiders and the errant snake hiding in cool, stony corners. 

I saw the most beautiful Black Eyed Susan flowers bobbing in the breeze the other afternoon as I rounded a corner of the lake drive, and I imagined all the flowers I’d like to plant, including tall sunflowers for Piper to enjoy.  Once, an old friend of ours grew a sunflower so large that the flower fell forward as it grew, and I could stand beneath it as if it were an umbrella.

I’m off to clean the inside of the house, now that I’ve gone and gotten myself into the spirit of things.  I hope that you have all seen a nice week so far, and that you’ll find some time as it comes to a close to do something you’ve been wanting to — something that means a lot to you.


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