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Notes on health, cooking (and eating), and garden progress

For the past several days I have been fighting off a head cold.  I only mention this because I’m surprised how quickly I’m recovering.  Though I certainly still feel under the weather today, a few days ago I felt even worse.  The first morning I woke up with a sore throat, only to have it disappear the next day.  Tonight I’m able to breathe a lot better through my nose, and though I’m tired I’m still more alert than I have been.  I wanted to share with you what I think may be contributing to my quick recovery.  First and foremost, I’ve made sure to rest when I can.  However, I also upped my vitamin C and D intake (along with taking my regular multivitamin).  For the first couple of days I also took a supplement that included Elder Berry, Echinacea, and Astragalus to give my immune system a boost.  I’m truly grateful that these small efforts seem to be helping me recover so quickly.  Many of these vitamins and herbs have been researched already and have been shown in studies to have a positive effect on the immune system and preventative care.  When I come across the articles and studies again, I will have to link them here for your benefit.

I’ve also been in a cooking frenzy recently, as I knew I would be after I took home that armful of cookbooks from the library.  Homemade granola bars, quick minestrone soup (very comforting when under the weather), falafel with tahini sauce, a potato and mushroom bake, creamy sweet potato and butternut squash soup, and today, some delightfully soft and airy banana wheat germ muffins.  Maybe all the food has helped provide me with a bit of extra sustenance when I needed it most.

Piper has been good about trying just about everything new that I’ve made, though I’m still learning that sometimes she’s just not hungry, and if we wait a bit longer she’ll be ready and willing to eat that much more.  She enjoyed the crunchy granola bar filled with shredded coconut, almond butter, pepitas, and sunflower seeds, and she also enjoyed today’s muffins, but what she loved the most was Nigella’s minestrone, which I made with vegetable broth, tomato sauce, kidney beans and tiny bits of pasta.  She had two bowlfuls the other day, much to my surprise!  I’m always glad to see her eating beans and even seeds and nut butter, just because those are important sources of plant based protein.  She will also eat a bit of greens now and then — just yesterday she enjoyed a garlicky kale salad that Will prepared.  Before that, I added some spinach to her scrambled eggs in the morning and she didn’t seem to mind that, either.

This week we were also able to get rid of a lot of recycling and yard trash that added up.  The other morning when I planned to wake up early, the entire family woke up as well and we made the best of the wee hours of the day.  I did get to spend a lot of quality time in the garden, filling several bags with weeds and trimmings from overgrown shrubbery.  We’re in a good place to assess and plot out or next planting, but I think we’d better do it soon as the weather is turning hot quickly.  I collected some dill seeds and coriander seeds and set them to dry some more.  I love how they smell and taste — strong, powerful.

I just realized how late it is and though I’m sure I could write and reflect for a while longer, I’d better finish here and continue another time.  Goodnight (or good morning, depending upon what part of the world you’re reading from)!


One thought on “Notes on health, cooking (and eating), and garden progress

  1. Awww, Piper would be crazy not to eat something you’ve made. You’re such a great cook. I’m drooling every time I visit your blog, haha!

    I’ve been battling a cold too – I took an extra vitamin C tablet and that seems to be helping. Along with Sudafed. I love Sudafed because, frankly, if I don’t stop congestion in its tracks when I first sense it, it gets out of control and I have little tolerance for headaches and throbbing earaches. What I really need, of course, is some more sleep to counteract the physcial exersion of moving, but that will have to wait until the weekend!

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