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A bit unseasonal, but still welcome.

A few months ago, my mother in law gave me a small set of canapé cutters.  Nestled inside an old red and silver tin sit a club, diamond, heart and a spade, along with various other shapes including a Christmas tree and an angel.  This morning I put them to use for the first time.  Following Catherine McCord’s recipe for chocolate graham crackers, I brought together a beautiful and dark dough from whole wheat and all purpose flours, sugar, cinnamon, vegan butter, and maple syrup (rather than honey).  After flattening the round of dough between two sheets of parchment, I used a rolling pin to roll the dough out even further.  I do enjoy the bells and whistles of baking, especially cookie cutters and rolling pins.  They remind me of my childhood, of hours whiled away playing house or helping my mother and father in the kitchen.  While Piper sat contentedly in her high chair drawing pictures with crayons, I pressed shape after shape into the soft dough and lined the cookies in satisfying rows on a baking sheet.  To my amazement, the grahams baked up neatly and kept their form without much spread.  These cookies have audible crunch, are more spicy than sweet, and are perfect with a tall cold glass of almond or soy milk.  I had a bit of fun and slid them all (over two dozen) onto a Christmas plate, and there they sit awaiting the grasp of hungry fingers of passersby. 

Chocolate graham crackers
Chocolate graham cracker cookies, recipe courtesy of Catherine McCord.



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