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A quick post before the rains come

I’m writing again at the dining room table.  Potted mums, tulips set in a jar with glass beads and water, and an orchid in full bloom sit behind the computer.  Beyond, windows with blinds pulled let the afternoon light in.  Bees and other bugs buzz about the garden, which still awaits today’s long drink of water, from the hose or from the sky.  The flowers are gifts from Mother’s Day, and I have been thinking a lot about mothering lately.  We have spent a great deal of time with family recently.  Piper enjoys time spent with her grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles so very much.  Yesterday, I spent the day with my family and little niece.  She is only a week younger than our daughter, and the sweetest tot besides.  In the early afternoon I put my niece in our Boba carrier and Piper in her stroller and took them both for a walk.  My heart swelled with pride to have both the little dears together with me.  They so love playing together, and once we returned from our short walk we plopped them both in the bath to refresh in the water.  Later, my niece grabbed her favorite Mr. Bunny and started to cry – signs that naptime was imminent.  I scooped her up and she rested her head in the nook of my arm.  Within 15 or so minutes of sitting on the bed rocking and singing quietly, she fell asleep and I placed her down in the crib.  I felt elated that she felt comfortable enough with me to let me sleep her — I don’t get to see her that often because my sister lives in another city, but we’re working on getting together a lot more.  Also, the experience restored a bit of my confidence, as my own daughter can have such a difficult time getting to sleep.  I truly realize now that old broken record saying, “every child is different.”  I do in fact possess the ability to soothe at least one tot to sleep without event, after all!  All jokes aside, our days have been long and beautiful and I am taking them one at a time for now.  I’m still in awe of how the seasons change, and what each new day brings with it.  Certainly a bit of intentional living increases our happiness tenfold.  Outside sprouts crop up in their seedbeds: sunflowers, kale, eggplant, plenty of Genovese basil and peppers.  I’m dreaming of a certain brunch of strata and zucchini pancakes (Bobby Flay), baking fresh yeast bread, and humble meals eaten out of our new favorite ceramic bowl and mug from Mayfaire (Dirty Dog Pottery).  Will is on the way home for lunch, so I must write more later as I prep something tasty for the two of us….

Dream on and enjoy your day 🙂


One thought on “A quick post before the rains come

  1. BOBBY FLAY. Sorry. I had to.

    Anyway, awww. That’s wonderful to hear that you’re bonding with your niece – I remember meeting her, and she really is so very cute!

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