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A good day

The day began with a warm bowl of oatmeal.  While I stirred in bed, Will cooked the oats and later topped my portion with a generous dash of cinnamon and a cooling trickle of almond milk.  Slowly I ate and let the warmth and comfort of a quiet day enfold me.  A full stomach, or perhaps the intermittent rain showers, brought with them a feeling of sleepiness that I warded with a cup of raspberry leaf tea and a splash of cold water against my face.  Even Piper seemed content to sit in her highchair, drawing pictures and peeling paper off crayons while I puttered in the kitchen, tucking plates and bowls back into the cupboards.

Sometime early morning, I took an opportunity to peek outside at our sprouting plants.  The kale stood perky and leaned forward, toward the sunshine.  The basil looks as though its true leaves are coming in.  I rubbed the tiny, delicate greens between my first two fingers and took in an already pleasingly robust aroma.  With a pair of clippers, I cut small branches of ripened tomatoes.  Dried broccoli seedpods are plucked and set on the table alongside the morning’s tomato harvest.  Later, the sky waters the garden.

We enjoyed story time together.  A roomful of babies bounced on their mothers knees.  Piper smiled wide as she and her peers leaned backwards, and as I lifted her high into the air during a few nursery rhymes.  I returned a few books and we drove home in time for a nap and lunch of leftover minestrone soup, heavy with kale.  Will brought home some flour which I promptly put to use making dough for bread.  Since Piper and I spent the afternoon at home, I fully enjoyed the space between kneading; as the dough rested and grew, I gave Piper a long bath and afterwards, we spent time combing her hair through, snuggling and reading Curious George.  The few minutes spent kneading were also a pleasure, as we listened to music as I rhythmically pushed, pulled, folded and turned the dough.  Piper even helped out, albeit timidly.  She will become more comfortable as she sees us bake more, I think.

For dinner I used up a bit of leftover sunflower butter to make a creamy Asian dressing for some noodles.  Will steamed an assortment of vegetables in need of eating, mainly Bok choy, green beans, edamame, and carrots.  We tossed everything together in a big pot and ate well.  For dessert, Piper loved a lemon-berry popsicle I froze for her earlier in the day.  I do cringe when I see her bite into the ice, but she does not flinch in the least, so I allow her the pleasure.

I am grateful for this quiet day, for Will’s gentle yet strong lunchtime hugs that smell so good, for Piper’s smiles and growth, for the food we get to grow, cook, and eat, and for this time to reflect on it all, finally.

Good night — W.


2 thoughts on “A good day

  1. Awww. I remember the days that I used ot be able to bite into a popsicle. Not anymore, alas! I have two or three sensitive teeth now, but that doesn’t stop me from (more gently) taking that first bite of a frozen snack.

    What’s the recipe for the sunflower butter dressing for the noodles? Mom and I are searching for ways to add more flavor to our healthy cooking, and that sounds great 😀

  2. Hi Kim! I found the recipe for the sunflower butter sauce on the Sun-butter website, you can google noodles with sunbutter sauce maybe? It’s really simple, with soy sauce and rice vinegar and I also used fiery sesame oil. Let me know if you guys like it!

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