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Nigella’s Breakfast Bruschetta

With one perfectly ripe little avocado, two sweet Campari tomatoes, and a can of chickpeas, we enjoyed ourselves a lazy hands-on lunch.  Two other must have ingredients for a delicious Bruschetta spread are quality bread, of course, and lots of fruity olive oil for drizzling.  I baked two fresh loaves early in the morning, and though the slices were much softer than a bit of crusty, day-old artisan sourdough, we enjoyed the cushiony warmth exuded by our homemade bread nonetheless.  Nigella Lawson calls this Breakfast Bruschetta, though we pulled the recipe together quickly for lunch — in fact, the toppings are perhaps more suggestion than recipe, since they require very little and in some cases, nothing at all.  The avocado is simply mashed with a sprinkling of salt and a generous squeeze of lime.  The tomatoes are diced and set aside, to be drizzled with olive oil later.  The chickpeas are mashed along with just enough olive oil and salt to make them beautifully creamy, though still deconstructed and naturally chunky.  We spooned our thick slices of bread with every topping, and delicately poured some beautiful light green olive oil across the ones with tomatoes and chickpeas (the avocado is oily enough).  The table was a lovely chaos of bowls and crumbs and hands to mouths.  Our quick lunch filled and fueled us for several hours into the afternoon — thank you, Nigella!


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