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Summer in a bowl

Recently I came across a wonderfully colorful recipe for Rainbow Bowls on the Yummy Mummy Kitchen blog.  The meal is an attempt to get as much fresh produce plated as possible.  Vibrant, healthy, and the perfect light meal for a summer evening, Rainbow Bowls are also highly customizable and are as much a reflection of the seasons as they are your personal tastes.  A pot of quinoa cooked quickly while I prepped radishes, red onions, Roma tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, lettuce and avocado.  I echoed the serving suggestion from the blog and nestled a bowl of quinoa within a larger serving bowl.  I had a bit of fun arranging the various cut vegetables around the quinoa.  In some ways this meal reminds me of Taco night as a kid, which we only enjoyed every once in a while but always looked forward to because we got the privilege of picking and choosing our various fresh toppings to pile into our taco shells.  The same idea exists here, where people can serve themselves and layer ingredients as they please.  I also mixed a quick tahini dressing for drizzling, and put some extra bowls out filled with beans, hempseeds, and pepitas.  I feel so full and content after this dinner, that I wonder if it has anything to do with such a diverse and wholesome mix of protein (the quinoa in itself is a great vegetarian source of protein, though the beans and seeds just seemed to take the meal to another level).  I imagine this meal would go over well at a summer picnic, as both the color and freshness of it are a bit irresistible.



3 thoughts on “Summer in a bowl

  1. Oh my that looks really good. And the bowls look very familiar. Was it a lot of work. It just looks so delicious. This is mom on dad’s cell phone.

    You write so beautifully. It is a pleasure to read your blogs. Love mom

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. TACO NIGHT. LOL. Just about as exciting as Make Your Own Pizza night, when we were resident weirdos, dumping nothing but black olives on ours, haha.

    That dish looks gorgeous. I lvoe the photo of everything kind of mashed together – the flavors must have been great. Did you add anything to the quinoa for flavor?

    I think I still love couscous the best, even though it’s not as healthy for you as other choices. What can I say? I’m still trying to convince my mom to get yams – they tasted great when we had them at the Morocco restaurant at Epcot (she wants fresh ones… wherever you get them, but I think canned is okay. There’s hundreds of canned yams in the supermarket, haha).

  3. So colorful and delicious!

    I’m sorry I didn’t see your message on Skype, by they way. I’d love to “visit” with you and Piper soon.

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