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This evening, feeling rather sentimental, I perused some of our old photographs taken last year.  Amidst photos of our daughter grinning a proud, gummy smile as she braced herself against the refrigerator in an effort to stand on her own, were delicious shots of family meals we enjoyed together.  I look back at these moments of captured joy with a deep sense of gratitude.  We have grown so much in the past year (some of us quite literally)!  Though we cannot truly relive those sweetest of moments, we can cherish them and watch with wonderment as new ones unfold before us.

All sentimentality aside, though, I thought you would enjoy a glimpse of some of the meals we shared last year.  I seem to remember finding a copy of Yotam Ottolenghi’s cookbook Jerusalem at the library, and delving straight in to several of his vegetarian recipes.  Later that year, Will would gift me Ottolenghi’s Plenty, though it was with Jerusalem that I first truly experienced Ottolenghi’s food.  His recipes seem fresh, colorful, and infused with a unique cultural perspective.  That year we made our own Za’atar and paired unlikely foods like prunes with potatoes (roasted, with caramel sauce).  We roasted butternut squash and ate the crispy skin, too.  We filled our bellies with chickpeas and our eyes with a gorgeous display of wild and basmati rice pilaf.

I also found a few irresistible photos of some sweets we shared — fudgy vegan brownies with walnuts and one particular recipe for lemon and olive oil banana bread with chunks of chocolate by Heidi Swanson seemed to stand out the most.

What has changed for you in the past year?


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