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On our anniversary

For three years we have fed one another, nurtured one another, and loved one another.  This morning I woke up to the deepest chocolate cupcakes with jelly-red hearts swimming in ganache in celebration of our anniversary.  You came home to a humble meal of rice and vegetables with tofu — humble and satisfying, nourishing.  Our love is like that; surprising and rich like the mere sight of a Mexican hot chocolate cupcake on a Wednesday morning before I even had a glass of water.  Comforting, like a bowl filled with the softest rice.  I like to savor our love like the scent of ginger and garlic wafting from the kitchen during dinnertime.  Like one of the last pieces of tofu, and though my belly is full I still want more because it just tastes so good.

Happy anniversary, Will (hugs and dos equis to you, too.)


5 thoughts on “On our anniversary

  1. That is so beautiful! First chance I had read this since it went to Robin. Period. The other night was wonderful with piper seeing you also. Hope everyone is feeling good and happy. Good night, love mom

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