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Treasures from the farmers market

We all enjoyed our visit to the farmers market this morning.  On our way over, we passed pumpkins, scarecrows, skeletons and ghosts on front porches and in trees.  The fresh October air and spirit of the season seemed to coax many people outside today.  Women carried their babies in slings on their hips as they darted from stand to stand.  Dogs as tall as some children stood in line for food with their companions.  As for us, we met up with our market friends and came home with many colorful treats, though not before we enjoyed some lunch with our old friend Kim.

At our friend Miriam’s stand, I felt captivated with all of the colorful produce.  We took home a bag of small, jewel-like heirloom tomatoes, one generous, ochre tinged cauliflower, a bag of baby kale, and a few ruddy heirloom apples.  From another stand, we bought a bag of Brussels sprouts.  We were also excited to see Adrian, The Bread Pedlar, peddling some delicious and freshly baked sourdough bread.  We dug right into a spelt boule and a whole wheat country loaf that was deliciously burned on top.  The last of our treasures is actually a little bag of pink Himalayan salt.  I enjoyed smelling the various smoked salts at this particular stand.  One of them reminded me so much of a campfire, and of being up in the mountains in North Carolina.  We had buried potatoes around the fire and almost forgot them when we were all through.  They ended up being very shriveled, but they were still so satisfying, even split between friends.

I’m getting hungry again just writing about all this.  Our lunch was delicious, too.  We ate at a new restaurant downtown.  The chef was very accommodating to our needs, and managed to help us pick out some tasty vegan options.  Will and I shared a generous portion of on-the-fly potato hash, to which the chef added some roasted root vegetables as well as the typical onion and pepper combo.  We also enjoyed splitting a grilled avocado and garden salsa sandwich, made with none other than the artisan sourdough bread baked up by The Bread Pedlar.  Good bread makes all the difference.

Later, I’d like to roast up some of the vegetables we took home and possibly mix them all up with some Israeli couscous for a quick dinner.  I love to eat the veg up when it’s still very fresh.

How was your Saturday?  What are the markets like where you are?


Farmer's market treasures
Farmers market treasures

One thought on “Treasures from the farmers market

  1. Sounds like a great day at the market. We went to the a Winter Park Fall Art Fair. It was very hot, But we were able to resist the food vendors, and only had water! The fair was great and we bought a beautiful vase decorated with hummingbirds.

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