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A festive meal for a Monday

We have been enjoying a lot of colorful meals lately.  Flecks of green and red find their way into our salads and even our pancakes, in the form of cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes, scallions, and red bell pepper.  Sometimes, even an inky black will present itself, such as in the hot, crushed peppercorn sauce that dribbled over pieces of fried tofu that we ate two weekends ago (that kind of meal leaves a lasting impression).  Today, I once again noticed nuggets of vibrant and contrasting colors before me.  As I tumbled jewel-like Puy lentils overtop diced white onion, yellow bell pepper, and orange sweet potato, I began feeling energized.  My senses awakened further as I added (with the help of my little apprentice) a bit of minced garlic and some cumin, turmeric, Garam masala, cayenne, and ginger to the pot.  The spiced lentils–recipe courtesy of The Diva Dish–cooked long and slowly in the crock pot.  The warmth and subtle heat of the dish, in addition to its bold color, was so welcome this Monday evening.


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