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Sounds of rainfall greeted us as we stumbled out of bed this morning.  The house appeared shadowy and dark all around, save for when a bolt of lightning streaked the sky in its transient fire.  I set last night’s leftovers on the stove, a soothing cauliflower and green bean curry with coconut milk and white rice that Will cooked.  The storm passed over while we cradled warm bowls in our hands and laps.

How many mornings have we enjoyed just like this?  In quiet times I can easily feel what usually comes in more fleeting moments–that is, a sense of connection and being.  I realize the cyclical nature of my life, the comings and goings of seasons, and I am filled with gratitude.

On Saturday we transplanted two large avocado trees that sprouted up in our compost.  One had been growing in a large pot, the other was in the ground already, though too close to the house.  The larger one seems to be having some difficulty adjusting to the transplant, but the smaller, younger one looks strong.  The trees look really beautiful in the yard.  Will dug up some soil from the compost for me, and I sat at our table looking over seeds and then planting them.  I’m hoping for Lavender, Calendula, and a few different lettuces.  I also planted more radishes, and even a couple of Fava beans.

Sunday we helped my parents put up some holiday decorations outside.  My aunt came over to make Sancocho.  I still cannot believe how quickly that woman can take the skins off a root vegetable.  The soup was very hearty, and included veg like boniato, malanga, yuca, green plantains, and chayote.  She grated the plantains and formed the pulp into balls, which she dropped into the soup.  They cooked into dense sort of dumplings.

Last week I did quite a bit of cooking myself.  I set the smoke alarms off when I tried to make sticky-buns, but had more success the following day when I baked up some little crackers for Piper using both vegan cheese and butter.  I adapted the recipe from Catherine McCord’s recipe for goldfish crackers in her Weelicious Lunches cookbook.  I also brought the Dutch oven down to cook an adzuki bean and squash stew one night, and cocoa-spiked chili to go over spaghetti another night.  Along the chocolate theme, I also baked double chocolate brownies with walnuts — and feeling overly indulgent, brought them over to my family’s house to share the next day.

I’ve been reading a few of your blogs, and see that so many of you are enjoying the season as well.  I’m inspired by all of your crafting, cooking, and baking.  Here’s to time spent with loved ones, in and around the kitchen table.


Piper grabbing crackers


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