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Garden update

Our garden is beginning to fill out again.  At the end of November, I started a few lettuces in small pots on the shady shelves outside.  Many of them sprouted, especially the Black Seeded Simpson.  Will transplanted the little seedlings, and they seem to have taken to their new homes already.  Our cilantro plants are large enough to pick from now.  We have four of them, and have already picked here and there from them to top our bowls of quinoa chili the other week.  I brought some Florida rosemary and a small pot of thyme home from the garden store last week as well, and they also took well to transplanting.  I missed having fresh herbs growing out back, as we had last year.  Perhaps not surprisingly, the tomatoes are beginning to sprout up again everywhere in the garden.  We have sorted through most of them and put the largest ones in cages already.  What I am happier about is the surprise borage plant that has taken up residence in one corner of the garden (it seems a bit out of season, but it must have self seeded), and the little head of broccoli hiding among its thick green foliage.  We have still been picking pole beans here or there, and thanks to Piper and her magic beans, we have kidney beans growing as well.  They have already formed pods, but we will wait for them to dry before we harvest them — probably much later in the season.  Piper’s sunflowers are also beginning to sprout again.  We planted them in a big pot this time, hoping to avoid some weeds.  Our radishes are tasty as ever, and they are perhaps my favorite thing to grow because they are so reliable and quick.  Still, I would love to have success in some other plants — but I think our soil needs a bit of TLC and some warmer weather, first.  That’s about all I can think of now, save for our little black racer that we see hiding sometimes in the hay next to the house.  Oh, and the horrible wasps that keep taking up residence in Piper’s play house, no matter how many times we knock their nests down and move the house around.  Any tips on that?

I’m off now to take care of a pot of chickpeas that has finished simmering.  I’m planning on a batch of hummus, and I’ll save the leftovers for falafel and stew on another day.


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