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In and around the house.

We have the windows open today to let the nippy January air freshen this stale house.  The sky is Florida blue and the sun pours into our rooms, splashing its light across the wooden floors, warming them.  This is the weather that brings vitality to our humble backyard garden.  I imagine the space a few months from now, blooming with flowers and heavy with Spring’s first harvest.  Until then, our seedlings gather strength, and perky baby lettuces relish the chilly air that comes before the coming season’s balm.

We planted a mix of greens, and this came up in our pot.  Any ideas as to which lettuce we have growing?
We planted a mix of greens, and this came up in our pot. Any ideas as to which lettuce we have growing?

The kitchen has been quiet lately, as we have all been sick.  Soft noodles, and plainly boiled honey gold potatoes were a treat for our healing stomachs.  Homemade hummus sits in the recesses of the refrigerator, uneaten for three days and perhaps destined for an unfortunate demise in the garbage bin.  A box of organic baby spinach sweats in its container, next to varying sized bottles of electrolyte drinks and applesauce.  I do need to sort it all out today.

Memories of healthier days
Memories of healthier days

While Piper naps and during some evenings before we all sleep, I read a bit from Dubliners.  These short stories are my first experiences with reading Joyce.  They are only a few pages long, but are so thought provoking that I often reread passages and refer to the book’s introduction for an analysis of each story.  The collection offers an honest glimpse into the lives of the Irish middle class in the early 1900’s.  Also, an interesting movie (although somewhat graphic) about Joyce and his wife is titled Nora, with Ewan McGregor as James and Susan Lynch as Nora Barnacle.  The story The Dead in Dubliners is apparently inspired by Nora’s own experiences, though I have yet to read it as it is the final story in the collection.

That’s all that is new around here; I hope in a few days’ time we will have healed completely and have some better stories to share.

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