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Valentine’s Day 2015

We shared such a beautiful day together yesterday.  Will woke up early to cook the thickest, most delicious heart shaped chocolate pancakes.  Studded with chocolate chips, these rich pancakes reminded me of soft baked cookies, still warm from the oven.  We ate them with butter and a generous drizzle of pure maple syrup.  Piper and I also soon discovered a slew of Valentine’s Day goodies all wrapped up and nestled in glittering tinsel waiting on the table for us to open during breakfast.  After a morning filled with both leisure and excitement, we rushed through the house getting showered and dressed for our drive to Bee and Papa’s house.  Very generously, they watched Piper while the two of us spent a few hours in St. Pete.

february 2015 023

Will and I enjoyed a long lunch together at Meze 119.  Our waiter was kind and attentive.  We shared an appetizer of roasted cauliflower florets and creamy dipping sauce.  Then, Will enjoyed a super house salad, dressed lightly and tossed with green and Kalamata olives and sundried tomatoes.  I sipped a spicy vegetable soup garnished with toasty strips of tortilla.  For our main, we both ordered falafel pitas stuffed with cucumber and tomato salad, shredded purple cabbage, Israeli pickles and thickly cut fries.   Oh, and several large, round, herby falafels, of course!  We ordered extra tahina to drizzle all over everything, and ate quietly and quite happily.  Our extra fries came with an awesome creamy hot sauce that sent little vinegary sparks across our tongues.  We shared a bowl of soy ice-cream for dessert, which came with crumbled sesame candy and pistachios that tasted better than the ice-cream itself.  Mmmm…

february 2015 028

Afterwards, we enjoyed a lovers’ stroll through the colorful streets.  A Valentine’s Day race had people trotting by in wonderfully pink and sequined garb; some wore fluffy tutus, tinsel wigs, and bedazzled running shorts that read “I’m with Cupid.”  Still others actually dressed as Cupid, or ran in as little as their red and white Speedos.  A bit further down the road we ran into an indie market, where artists sold handmade knit hats, scented candles in sand encrusted coconut shells, and lots of vintage and bohemian clothing.  I came home with a button down dress and a blue and white striped shirt from a $5 trunk, and bought Will a green shirt from Ecuador.

He looked so handsome wearing it, especially later when he rolled his pant legs up a bit and ran along Ben T. Davis Beach chasing after Piper.  When Piper fell asleep in the car, we decided to drive over to the beach and look out upon the water and listen to the waves break.  Piper soon woke up, though, which was all the better because we wanted to enjoy the beach with her, too.  We felt satisfied running back and forth along the shore and building sandcastles, but let it be written that some brave young souls in bathing suits did jump in the icy water for a nippy swim that day.

february 2015 045

How was your Valentine’s Day?

One thought on “Valentine’s Day 2015

  1. OMG that sounds like a great V-day! The food has got me drooling (a major hazard whenever I read your blog), and I love the cupid-themed race! Wow!

    Eh, my V-day was same old, same old. But I always try to make it fun and that’s what counts 🙂

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