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Sky Dance

I had a funny feeling while recording Will the other evening.  We were filming some videos for his new YouTube account, when I began to feel as though we were living out a scene in some imagined indie movie.  Will carted all of his equipment out in front of Liberty, his VW bus.  The sun was setting, but we still turned the amp on to play outside for a short time.  I set the camera on our old bar stool from the Salvation Army and pressed record.  It was the evening of Mother’s Day and I felt I was attending my own personal concert.  The whole situation felt so intimate and romantic, and yet we were outside in the suburbs probably about to violate some sound ordinance (hence the quirky indie romance movie feeling).  Will has been working so hard on his music lately; he has a gig coming up, a new website that will be going live soon, and plans for a future album, too!  Please check out his very first video, an original classical piece titled Sky Dance, and let us know what you think.




4 thoughts on “Sky Dance

  1. I love this!! I could listen to music like Sky Dance for hours (and I love that you can hear the birds in the background). Looking forward to more music from Will. 🙂

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