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The Very Thought of You

Tonight I baked a stone fruit crumble with sweet ripe peaches from the twilight farmer’s market while listening to Billie Holiday sing The Very Thought of You.  The music and the baking suited my mood tonight.  Crumbles are relatively quick and easy to bake, so I was truly able to succumb to the beauty of the moment.  The soft pink and yellow flesh of the peaches and apricots offered their muted glow to the otherwise dark kitchen, and Lady Day’s voice trailed lazily throughout the house as I slowly whipped a bit of maple syrup into coconut cream.  We enjoyed our dessert well enough, though sometimes I find the process more fulfilling than the meal itself – here was one such time.  The recipe was adapted from Heidi Swanson’s original.  I used a bit of vanilla sugar that I had on hand (you can tuck a leftover vanilla bean into some sugar to make your own, as I did), a squeeze of orange juice rather than orange blossom water, and thick coconut milk and coconut oil rather than yogurt and butter.  Now I have had my sweet fix for a good while, and enjoyed every second of it, too.


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