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Eats, lately.

Yesterday I had some fun in the kitchen preparing a few colorful recipes from the Simple Vegan Blog, which is run by a lovely couple in Spain.  I definitely want to check out their Horchata and Tortilla Espanola recipes down the line.  Yesterday, though, I decided on their vegan Cobb salad for lunch, quinoa Tabbouleh (which I served with a grilled eggplant salad—from another site) for dinner, and chocolate pudding for dessert.  I appreciate Iosune and Alberto’s efforts to provide quick and whole-food centric recipes.  Even the pudding has a base of avocado and banana, though you would never know it with all of that cocoa and sweet maple syrup.  Also, the Cobb salad totally satisfied my protein cravings, as it calls for cashews, corn, kidney beans and tempeh bacon—all awesome sources of vegan protein.  The quinoa Tabbouleh and eggplant salad made for a nice Lebanese inspired dinner outside.  Next time I’ll add more herbs to the quinoa and less pine nuts to the eggplant, though I really enjoyed it all.  The eggplant was creamy and dreamy, as I roasted it in the oven before scooping out the juicy insides. I stirred in some pomegranate arils for color, which also gave the salad a tangy pop of flavor every now and then.

Happy eating.


One thought on “Eats, lately.

  1. I love the design of the striped plate: presentation is a big part of great food, I reckon. And thank you so much for your detailed response to my question about vegan mayonnaise. I encounter excellent mayonnaise in a vegan restaurant in Warsaw, but my Polish isn’t good enough to ask for the recipe! An great incentive to learn a language.

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