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We were on vacation, and now we’re back!

It has certainly been a while since I last wrote here.  I think, though, that most of you will be glad to hear of the adventures we have been on since you last heard from us.  Will took a two week vacation and we spent most of it in the gulf, watching sunsets and swimming.  I am still in awe of all the nature we experienced in such a short span of time; we saw dolphins from a pier in Clearwater, swam with jumping fish one morning in Siesta Key (which I now hear is not the best of omens–it may mean a larger fish is near by), held a rusty colored starfish and then let it go, and watched a dozen tiny shellfish burrow into the thick slate gray mud that is the Venice beach shoreline.  Though the most beautiful of our animal adventures happened on the way home from our trip to Myakka River State Park.  We had just finished climbing a 76 foot tall lookout when it started to rain.  We took cover in the car, with Will driving slowly down the winding forest path.  What did we see but a family of four deer!  I had never seen deer in the wild before, and yet here I was just a few feet away watching several of them eat.  Later, we saw one run around a bend (rather clumsily, Will thought–though to me it all looked extremely graceful and strong).

I love every minute of it–the lazy hammocks, the balmy heat that comes after the afternoon showers, and then the sun’s glorious last beams of light before nightfall.  In Siesta Key the sun is this huge, orange ball of fire against a darkening sky.  There are people on beaches in every city that stay out to welcome the night.  Sometimes it is easy to forget what a big and wonderful world is out there, just beyond the routine.  There are people that dance with glow sticks along soft shorelines, or stand as still as statues with fishing poles in their hands, overlooking the pier.

Still others, like ourselves, smell a hint of garlic in the salty air, and find ourselves sharing a bowl of bucatini puttanesca and a glass of red wine on a patio in Venice, FL.  We walk along the avenue until we find place that sells mouth puckering lemon sorbet and cool off together after a long day well spent.

Now, after all the beaches, drum circles, birthday parties, and good food, we’re finding a new normal.  I’m still reading the last bit of Dubliners, and beginning to seriously consider starting a book club to host here at the house once a month.  It is good to be back home, and back writing in this little space.

How have you been?

Hugging the horizon in Myakka River State Park, FL.
Hugging the horizon in Myakka River State Park, FL.

4 thoughts on “We were on vacation, and now we’re back!

  1. Ah – you visited my town. Isn’t the canopy walk at Myakka State Park amazing? You can’t even see the road or hear anyone. Sarasota has something for everyone – from Myakka to the beaches. Glad you got to enjoy a bit of paradise here!

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