Window birding

Some of my favorite times of day are when I catch a glimpse of a few birds that have found their way to our feeding area that we have made for them.  We filled an old clay planter with some birdseed, including oily black sunflower seeds, and hung a pretty little glass birdbath from a limb near our bedroom window.  We set the planter on the short wall bordering our house, being sure to sprinkle extra seeds all around it as well.  This morning alone, Piper and I sat curled up by the window peering out as a pair of cardinals enjoyed a snack.  I’ve been seeing them for a few days–but what was new this morning was the mockingbird, many palm warblers, and blue jay that all seemed to arrive at the same time.  To be sure, when Mr. Jay came not many birds were interested in sticking around–but I was surprised earlier to see the warblers and cardinals stay put with a mockingbird in the tree at the same time!  To my knowledge, they can become domineering–but that’s just what I have heard from Will–he was almost attacked by a mama mockingbird once.  Though, now that I think of it, he was also attacked by an owl when we first moved here (he’s okay!).  I was so delighted to see the mockingbird take a little drink and splash in the birdbath.  Now I’m confident that it has been accepted and perhaps we’ll catch a few more birds in it soon.  I think the birds are truly making themselves comfortable around our house now that they know they can find food nearby.  Just the other day, I saw a female cardinal cutely watching her reflection (did she think she found another bird?) on our windshield.  I’ve also seem them hopping along the top of Will’s bus.  I think that many of them may have already been around, since their presence must have preempted my desire to go out and buy the bird food, but I just see (and hear!) them so much more these days.  Just wanted to share our delight with you all!  Wishing you a wonder filled weekend — Wren.


2 thoughts on “Window birding

  1. Cardinals are very curious. We’ve seen them “attacking” side car mirrors parked in our driveway and our neighbor’s on various occasions.

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