Oh, and I’d also like…

I’m at the dinner table flipping through cookbooks with a tummy that is beginning to groan with yearning.  I’m jotting down some ideas for meals and snacks this week, though I find myself drooling over the most decadent and decidedly complicated recipes, dreaming about how I can maybe convince Will or my parents to cook something like Anna Jones’s Goodwill rainbow pie with mashed sweet potatoes, roasted veg, and sauteed greens all enveloped in golden brown pastry crust.  Or maybe her Sweet and salty tahini crunch greens, which involve a type of maple brittle with different seeds and nuts, to be broken over top seasonal greens and dressed in an unctuous tahini dressing.  Maybe her banana, toffee and coconut cream pie for my birthday?  A brown sugar tart?  Double chocolate cloud cake?  Salted caramel brownies?  See where this is going?

I’m a recovering midnight snacker.  Will is too.  Just today he asked me if I wanted a little bowl of spicy tortilla chips, and I told him I did not even know we had any chips in the house.  He hides them, and not because I discourage him from eating them–rather, he wants to discourage me from doing the same with his beloved stash!  I grew wise to some of his hiding places.  He’s six feet tall and can reach places like the top of the cabinets quite easily.  I’m 5’3” and eat what I can reach — usually.  I guess I eventually saw a shiny parcel above the cabinets one day, realizing it to be a chip bag and in a moment of desperation brought out a chair and grabbed the forbidden goods.  And, friends, literally as I am writing this entry, Will has come home from work and let me know that he is hungry.  He wants to know if there is any hummus in the house.  Scrap that, now he wants popcorn–and wants to know if I will eat, too!  Oh, I love him!  Our appetites are more alike than he would like to admit (I’ve got a reputation).

Well, I’m off to spend some time with my other half.  So ends my indulgent list of longings.  A girl can dream.


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