Popping in to say hello.

One of those mornings when I’m the only one awake.  We’ve been having a series of beautiful chilly days.  Cloudy, rainy, and cold.  Today looks similar, though it is still early to tell if it will stay this way.  Outside I hear cars drive past and as they do there is the sound of puddles sloshing.  Wet streets.  Sometimes, when we have been driving with the windows down, there is also the unmistakable smell of snow, which is quite impossible here in Florida, but having grown up in Connecticut some things stick with you.  The smell is a combination of prickly cold air, mixed with damp streets and wood burning fires.  It makes me stand up straight in my seat and take a slow, deep whiff.  There are few scents that transport me so quickly, another being sofrito.

I’ve got overnight oats waiting in the fridge, though if I had thought much about it I may have simply warmed them this morning.  Chickpeas are soaking on the counter with a strip of Kombu.  Sometimes they make this alarming pop, pop!  I still don’t know what that is–expanding, maybe?  I’ll cook them today as part of Heidi Swanson’s Harira recipe in her new cookbook Near and Far.  For by birthday and the holidays, I received lots of new cookbooks from my parents, Will, and my good friend Kim.  One that I am particularly enjoying is Nigel Slater’s first book in his Kitchen Diaries series.  His writing is just magical, and one night when I was too tired to read I asked Will to read some aloud to me.  It was even better!  I slid down under the covers, trying to keep down my giggles as all the words seemed to become innuendo, though really Nigel is just excellent with descriptive language and reflecting the sensual experience that is eating, cooking.  It feels meant to be read aloud, actually, and if Will isn’t too tired tonight I’ll ask him again — less giggles, of course.

Well, happy New Year 2016 to you all.  I’m sure I will be back writing about some of the recipes I’ve tried out soon.  I’ve got a (very) part time job at a local gallery, working with a nonprofit organization.  I’d like to write some about that soon too.  Needless to say I’m a bit busier these days.  Have a great rest of your week–





3 thoughts on “Popping in to say hello.

  1. Always a pleasure finding one of your blogs. So interesting, the smell of snow and winter in Connecticut. Something I never remember experiencing. Really fun reading!!

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