The little things

We have an avocado tree growing in our backyard that we started ourselves from one of our leftover pits that we chucked into the compost heap a few years ago.  I’m so proud of this tree–a living relic of our gardening days past.  After a good rain, the tree looks lush and sprightly.  Little baby leaves sprout from the trunk.  Still others grow from the top; these are defiantly red in color, though just as smooth feeling as their green counterparts.  I don’t know whether we will ever see it fruit, but I hope it keeps growing and growing despite us.  Of course I would like to be here to pick the first ripe avocados, to gather them in baskets until my arms are heavy and to eat them sliced in half, creamy green flesh sprinkled with just the tiniest bit of sea salt and maybe, though not necessarily, a good squeeze of lime juice.

One day I’d like to have a whole backyard filled with fruit trees of different kinds.  Fig and lemon always come to mind first.  For now, though, I’m satisfied with our baby avocado tree that seems to grow along with us.  Few things are quite as pretty as its smooth green foliage speckled with fat water droplets after an afternoon heavy with rain.


Saturday I let steel-cut Irish oats slowly bubble away on the stove while I set the table with plenty of delicious nibbles and nutrient dense add-ins.  Toasted pepitas, Chia seeds, hemp seeds, raisins, Goji berries, maple syrup, coconut butter, cinnamon, peanut butter and a little glass of almond milk all crowded together in the middle of the table for an easy make it your way porridge breakfast.  I love the hearty chewiness of steel-cut oats.  I’m a little spoiled on them, and tend to prefer rolled oats for baking (Heidi Swanson has a very good baked oatmeal recipe, though of course I also love them in a classic oatmeal cookie).  I felt full for a while after.  We ended up riding bikes/walking to the farmer’s market and not making it home until well after 1:00 in the afternoon, with our only lunch being a couple of vegan tacos.  Will wore his kilt to the market, and I thought he looked especially handsome so I’ll share that picture with you all, too.  Every day is an adventure.



5 thoughts on “The little things

  1. Hi Wren,

    cause I read that you are interested in cook books (planted based or/and vegan) I wanted to let you know which ones I like: The Green Kitchen by David Frenkiel&Luise Vindahl; Vibrant Food by Kimberley Hasselbrink; MEZZE – small plates to share by Ghillie Basan; Sunday Supers / Karen Mordschai; Clean Slate (Martha Stewart Living); Mr Wilkinson’s (Matt Wilkinson) Favourite Vegetables and Symply Dressed Salads. Maybe you do not know one of these…Hope so. Much love and all the best for you, your lovely blog and your little family, Thomas (soul-pics.com )


    1. Thank you so much for these suggestions. When I have a moment today I’m going to start looking into all of them! I’ve been needing some cooking inspiration. Thanks again. Wren.

  2. Thank you for sharing about your avocado tree. I live in a pretty cold climate but I have a friend who has grown one inside. I LOVE avocados so thank you for reminding me to plant one or two of my pits.

  3. I adore avocado and probably eat one nearly every day. How wonderful to be able to pick your own! And yes, what an amazing aspiration to contemplate one’s own garden of fruit trees – just thinking about it brings a smile to one’s face, doesn’t it 🙂

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