Spring days, rainy and sunny.

Thunder woke us early this morning, and it looks as though we can expect rain all day.  I love this weather, dark and wet as it is.  I think our garden does, too.


The last few days have been the opposite-bright and hot Florida days that we filled with as much time outside as we could, soaking up the sun’s rays while splashing in a wading pool and eating meals outside, or near a sunny window.

We spent a day with my parents.  Their gardenias are all in bloom, as well as their knockout roses and many of my mother’s orchids.  The house looked like one in a fairy tale, surrounded with so many blooms.  We felt warm, secure.


Will swam with Piper while I went inside my parents’ pantry and dug out their blender to make some strawberry aguas frescas.  Later, mom fried slices of sweet plantains while I cooked up a black bean and mushroom mix to fill some soft tacos.  Will knows just how to warm the tortillas until they blister just a bit.  I always tell everyone it is because he has been to Mexico, where the family he lived with taught him all their cooking secrets.  Really, I think he is just a bit braver with leaving them on the heat.  He also brushed them in the leftover oil from the plantains.  We ate our tacos with a quick homemade guac. and simple tomato salsa.

More delicious meals over the past few days:  black bean and quinoa salad, farinata, a chickpea and chard fry-up from Ottolenghi’s Plenty, a warm and gooey bowl of pastina with an egg stirred through at the end (Piper loved both the farinata and the pastina–she’s great about trying new foods lately), and what I like to call Leftover fritters because we used leftover corn, quinoa, couscous, and matzo meal to make them.


Lately, when I remember, I like to put on music while I wash dishes or cook.  I love playing this Edith Piaf CD we bought from a tag sale a few years ago.  Yesterday, though, I was enjoying Norah Jones before it started to skip (I guess it’s quite old and scratched) so in the end I brought out the computer and had Pandora playing an awesome french playlist with a lot of Django Reinhardt.  That was a lot of fun…

Well, I think the morning chores are calling to me.  Wishing you a happy Wednesday, rain or shine!





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