Favorite meals, lately

Festive meals for a summer get together or picnic:  Pesto pasta salad with kalamata olives, fresh and sun dried tomatoes, spinach, and a bit of tofu for extra protein.  Three bean salad with a honey and apple cider vinaigrette.  Tofu frittata with cherry tomatoes, peas, and shiitake mushrooms.  Cara Cara oranges for dessert.

Simple & nourishing lunches that can double as dinner (and make great leftovers):  A bowl of curried lentil and sweet potato soup.  A bowl of slow cooker split pea soup with a side of sweet potato fries.  Lastly, a black eyed pea and dandelion green stew topped with spicy cilantro & walnut herb paste and drizzled with cool, creamy tahini.


Satisfying breakfasts: Scrambled eggs on crisp buttered toast and piled high with herbs (dill and oregano from the garden, leftover cilantro from the fridge) and a side of orange juice.  Or, scrambled tofu with sauteed kale and mushrooms.

Best of all, though unfortunately not pictured (gobbled up too quickly) was a warm bowl of brown rice topped with creamy black beans and avocado, diced sweet onions, and fresh cilantro that Will had ready for me after I took an afternoon nap.  It was a rainy day today and I had a horrible headache, cured with some sleep, snuggle time, and hot food made with love by my love 🙂


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