Dog sitting, Dutch Baby, & longing for Lagman noodles.

We’re dog sitting for my parents, who are currently in Kirchensittenbach, Germany.  Shallie is sitting next to me in bed as I write this, while Piper is watching cartoons on TV (we finally have one!).

Shallie looking very regal in the garden.

The other day, Piper woke up and wanted pancakes.  I was too tired to set up the electric griddle and stand before it all morning, waiting for the pancakes to bubble before flipping them, so I told Piper I was going to make one giant pancake for all of us instead.  That’s when we set to whipping up Nigella Lawson’s Dutch Baby recipe from her latest cookbook, Simply Nigella.  It turned out really well, and Piper ate a lot.

The resulting pancake is tender while remaining substantial.  We served it with frozen wild blueberries on top and a dusting of powdered sugar.  I love how the berries stained the otherwise pale pancake a striking purple in places, where they began to warm and release their juices.  Take a look:

Dutch Baby 3

Dutch Baby 4

Dutch Baby 6

So I also went through a phase recently where I couldn’t stop thinking about Lagman, the hand-pulled noodles commonly eaten in Uzbekistan and China.  I was up late one night and watched a few videos of the process.  Once the dough comes together, strands are rolled out by hand, brushed with oil and then coiled around a plate, where they rest for a while.  Then the cook intertwines the noodles around her fingers like a game of cats cradle and begins to stretch the noodles further by hand, even thwacking the long strands of dough against the table every now and again to further lengthen them.  Then they are boiled and severed beneath a delicious stew, seasoned traditionally with vegetables, lamb, cumin, star anise and coriander seeds.

So we weren’t going to eat any lamb, and I wasn’t going to pretend I could learn the hand-pulled noodle technique on my own in one night.  Instead, I cooked up a similar stew using seitan (vegan wheat-meat) and–gasp–store bought linguine.  It turned out pretty good, although super filling and probably more appropriate during the fall or winter.  Though I still can’t get my mind fully off homemade noodles.  I think Piper would really enjoy making them with me from home, especially if we invested in a machine.

Here’s our little Lagman inspired dish:


That’s all for now-



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