the dog days of summer

Lying in bed with a cold, trying to rest and get better.  Shallie is growling because she wants to play tug-of-war with her rope.  We’ve been playing for what feels like the past half hour.  She keeps better pace with Piper, who just this morning chased her around the backyard and had her performing all sorts of leaps and dives.

I loved watching them play chase.  While we were out early this morning I got to check on the garden.  I’m so grateful for what we have growing, even this late in our Florida summer.  As always, I’m looking forward to the change of seasons.  While I love them all, I start to anticipate the shift after a while.  I’m looking forward to cooler days in fall, and of course little one’s birthday and our anniversary.  Until then, though, have a look at our summer bounty-

I’m off to rest a bit more.  Just wanted to write a little something in an effort to keep up with the blog more.  When I’m back to health I intend to write longer posts.  Thanks to all who still read.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!


4 thoughts on “the dog days of summer

  1. Wren. So sorry about ur summer cold. But at least you still have ur free Entertainment. When you come to town u also to avail ur self of Ballast Pt park on water 5 min from house that is wonderfully cool and non humid after 715 in the evening. Also fun things for piper willow. Love papa

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