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Morning musings

Big guy and little guy are both napping.  Outside the first bit of rain is falling.  I expect with Hurricane Irma we will be getting a lot more.  For now, though, the rainfall feels peaceful and refreshing–perfect for mid-morning nap time.

Piper and I have been packing her school lunch together the night before, which has give us more time in the morning.  This morning for breakfast I made a quinoa porridge with coconut milk, cinnamon, maple syrup, toasted almonds and chopped sticky dates.  Our girl still only eats quinoa when in fritters/patties, so the porridge was a no-go for her this morning.  She sticks by her favorite foods, and one day soon I want to put all the recipes for them together in a binder or a book so that we can remember them when we are wondering what to cook.

Toward the end of my pregnancy I discovered The Happy Pear, two vegan brothers from Ireland who have a ton of quick but flavorful recipes up on YouTube (they also have a couple of cookbooks, a cafe and their own line of vegan products overseas).  I’ve enjoyed many of those meals lately.  Things like 5 minute chickpea curry, Thai Massaman curry, one pot pasta with mushrooms, Irish stew, etc.  As a tired new mom I really appreciate their no-frills approach.  Also, they really do keep their dishes super tasty, which was a pleasant surprise for me because sometimes I find food needs more time to develop flavor.  Not in this case, though!  Here’s their video for the Massaman curry I was mentioning.

You can imagine, though, that a soon-to-be 5 year old with a sweet tooth doesn’t particularly care much for curry.  So this week I’m trying to simplify dinner a bit with noodles one night and a pot of slow-cooked Cannelini beans another.  However, I couldn’t resist including a dish of eggplant, tempeh, and sweet potatoes in a tangy, creamy tahini and pomegranate molasses sauce (a recipe by Heidi Swanson over at 101 Cookbooks).  Mama’s gotta eat!

The rain has stopped for now.  Everyone in the city must be anxious about Irma, because water was sold out at all of the grocery stores last night, and I saw on the news there were lines at the gas stations, too.  I am nervous about the hurricane, too.  Last year there was a small one that Will and I prepared for, and I think it ended up being really mild.  I remember we painted our dining room during part of it.  I sure hope this one turns out to be mild, too, if it reaches us at all.  There’s no real knowing yet, so we had better get our things in order (flashlight, radio, extra batteries, water, nonperishable food and an alternative way to heat it, extra diapers and wipes on hand for Rowan, etc.).  We have a lot of this around the house already, it’s just a matter of rounding it all up and putting it in an easy to find place.  Will keeps reassuring me that we will be fine, which is comforting to hear.  I think more of a concern right now is our family in Puerto Rico, though my family here has all been in touch with them and assures me that they are prepared.

Well, my grumbling stomach is telling me it’s time for lunch.  I’ll probably make a big veggie sandwich, with sprouted wholegrain toast, hummus, tomato, arugula, onion, and whatever else I can find in the fridge.  Sliced down the middle.  Maybe with some warm turmeric golden milk–if not with, then definitely as a pick-me-up between lunch and dinner…

Stay safe during this wild weather, everyone!  Also, if anyone happens to know any really kid-friendly vegan recipes, share them in the comments below!




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