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Friends, and the promise of a walk.

We had the best visit with friends yesterday!  Olga and Mollie came over for lunch and they came bearing delicious food in the form of Korean carrot salad and cucumber and cabbage slaw.  Olga hand sliced these beautiful paper-thin pieces of cucumber — so thin that if you held one up to the light I bet you’d be able to see the sun shine through its pale flesh.  I was really impressed, because it’s challenging for me to get slices that thin and uniform even when I’m using a box grater or mandolin.  If anyone could do it, though, Olga could.  She exudes calm and confidence.  As for the rest of our meal, I cooked Heidi Swanson’s fettuccine and roasted vegetables with creamy tahini sauce, a white bean salad from another favorite food blogger Cardamom & Dill, and for drinks Piper helped me make Heidi Swanson’s sparkling Panakam, a traditional Indian drink made with ginger, sugar, cardamom, lime, a touch of salt and sparkling water.  It was so much fun.  I accidentally poured the water into the carafe too quickly, resulting in a fizzy volcano of sugar and spice.  Luckily that happened before the ladies arrived!  The drink was a hit with everyone — it was effervescent and refreshing with its bright, slightly sweet flavor.  Piper is already asking for more, so I have a feeling we will be making it often these coming months.  We are so grateful for Olga and Mollie’s friendship, and although they will be moving soon to pursue exciting new endeavors, we’re hoping to see them again when they come back to town around Christmastime.

Now, Will is lesson planning outside the front door so I’m being serenaded with both the sounds of classical guitar and chirping birds.  Rowan is taking his morning nap.  The sky outside has shifted from dark to light, though we are still expecting rain at some point.  All the trees outside look so lush and green, that I’m tempted to go for a walk once the baby wakes up and Will has finished his planning.  I still have my same favorite route, past the house with the flowers, antique glass bottles and pool hidden behind a wooden fence like some secret I want to dive into.  By the time we round the curve home again I’m pretty drunk on nature, having taken my fill of bird songs, blooms, and the sweet feel of the breeze against our skin.  Rowan loves these walks, too.  We push him along in the stroller and he is quiet as he takes in his surroundings.

I’m off to start some chores.  I hope that your week is peaceful and fulfilling.

Until then –


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