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Rainy day reflections

This morning I took Rowan out to splash in rain puddles with his first pair of rain boots. He learned the sign for shoes as we were putting them on his feet. We took some corn with us down to the lake to feed the ducks. First we fed the Muscovys, then a group of Pekins that ran toward us, and finally two shy wood ducks. After everyone was fed and happy, we took a short walk around the neighborhood. Rowan enjoyed playing with some large seed pods that rattle. We trotted along and he kicked up some wet leaves that the rain shook loose from the trees. That’s one of the best things about rain — everything is so clean and fresh after, trees included.

I’m still recovering from a cold that has lingered for over a week. I’m drinking a hot cup of matcha as I write. Things that seem to help: honey, warm liquids, cough drops. I also tried all sorts of raw garlic and turmeric decoctions, but they haven’t seemed to shorten the duration of my cold this time around.

Spring feels right around the corner. My favorite trees are blooming, including the prettiest pink Camellia right in our back yard, just in time for Valentine’s Day. I love this tree. When we first moved it, it was all covered in Spanish moss and had these gnarly brown buds all over it. I took an afternoon to clear it all off and we put some painted rocks and worm castings around its base just to show it some extra love. Now the tree has bloomed for us and looks spectacular, especially after a rain shower.

I’m looking forward to maybe a strawberry or blueberry you-pick outing with the kids, a visit to the Renaissance festival (I can picture Piper in the fairy costume that she wanted for Christmas), and some spring holiday fun and gatherings. But for now I’m happy to be sitting at the dining room table, having a quiet moment to write and look out of the window at the overcast sky. I’m grateful to be inside and warm, with my cup of tea. I think I’ll go finish it, now!

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