The house is all quiet now; one child is asleep while the other is enjoying a little down time before dinner. As for myself, I am relishing the opportunity to write before the sun has set. I’m in the spare room that overlooks the lake. There are a set of pale blue apartments, as well as several trees, that obstruct a complete view of the water, but in between it all I am happy to watch the swans float by. One of the trees that I can see from here is a little orange tree currently bearing fruit. It’s so pretty and brings me happiness.

Soon I will start making dinner. We have a box of orecchiette that I’ll toss with some broccoli rabe and browned veggie sausage. This is another dinner that I cook reliably around here, with the ingredients varying slightly each time (I might use a different bitter green, or chicken sausage instead of veggie). Thankfully, the meal comes together rather quickly. I blanch the greens in boiling water first, then take them out and use the same pot of water for the pasta. Other than that, it’s an easy dance between browning the sausage, sauteing garlic and chili flakes in a splash of olive oil, chopping the greens and adding those to the skillet, and then incorporating the pasta with a bit of reserved cooking liquid so as to help everything meld together.

While folding laundry today I queued up The 100 Foot Journey on Netflix. I’ve read the book and seen the film before, but I feel like I enjoyed it so much more this second time around. I would even watch it a third time. The story follows the Kadam family, who moves from India to France to open a restaurant across (100 feet away, to be exact) from a Michelin starred French restaurant. Tension between the two arise, meanwhile the protagonist learns that he excels at classical French cooking. From there, he must learn to reconcile the seemingly conflicting aspects of his identity, all the while on the cusp of a new phase in culinary history that will once again test his adaptability in world with ever changing tastes.

On that note, I’m off to prep dinner. Rowan has awakened from his nap and the children are rambunctious and ready to play again!

We’re so close to Friday I can taste it —

See you then, I hope!


3 thoughts on “Thursday

  1. That was a marvelously enjoyable movie, wasn’t it? While you watch your movie, I’ll be reading North and South by John Jakes on my Kindle app on my ipad……

  2. The 100 foot journey, has twicked my interest.. Love ur description of food you make. The Lord continue to watch over you, good Momma & wife!

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