Looking out an open window

The window in front of my writing nook has opened with a bit of effort on my part. We are renting a house that is nearly a hundred years old, and over the years people have painted the windows so often that some of them are sealed shut. Luckily for me, this one opens to a warm stream of sunlight and fresh air. Right now, I can smell the faint scent of orange blossom coming from Mr. Ron’s tree out back. It’s mingling with the aroma of my cup of coffee that is sitting on the corner of my desk. A quiet moment and an open window work miracles on calming my nerves and bringing me back into the present moment. Though, I will say I have my headphones on as an extra comfort — though it is quiet, there is still the low hum of traffic in the background that the headphones soften.

The birds and squirrels are active right now. The birds twitter and hop along the grass looking for bugs, while a fat squirrel scurries up the skinny tree just outside the window. I wonder what kind of tree it is, with its smooth, silvery bark. It’s still holding on to some red and yellow leaves from winter.

Down by the lake the Kapok tree is in bloom, and drops fat, red, leathery flowers on to the ground below. It looks so wild and foreign to me. The blossoms are about as large as my hand, and are a sight to behold, while the ones still attached to the tree appear so small from their height.

Also in bloom for just a while longer are the Tabebuia trees that line so many streets here in Lakeland. Most of them have dropped their yellow and purple flowers already, leaving behind only their furry, Seussian looking seed pods — but a few are still in bloom, and their appearance is always very romantic.

Three swans have suddenly appeared outside my window. I must have missed them walk up from the lake as I have been writing. One is very curious and coming closer to get a look at me through the window. They are beautiful creatures but I have a healthy intimidation of them, along with the geese that live down on the lake. These birds are all very territorial. At least the swans will leave you alone if you leave them alone. As for the geese, they will stalk you down! Yesterday, a gaggle of them came lunging toward us, even as we tried to cross the street. Ms. Patterson stopped her car and smiled as she said, “You have to watch out for them!” They have such personalities. Piper gave them special names as we hurried on home. Life down by the lake is a bit magical and always lends itself to stories and adventures.

I was glad to have the extra hour of daylight yesterday. We were all in great spirits by the time Will came home from work. We played outside for a while after dinner, soaking up the sun’s last rays. When I tired of chasing the children up and down the sidewalk, I brought them up on the front porch and they both played quietly for some time. Before we knew it, we heard Will’s van pulling in and all of us ran inside, pressing our faces to the window pane to watch him arrive. The children chanted, “Daddy! Dada! Daddy!” and Will had the biggest smile on his face as he came up to greet us. These are delicious moments that I want to savor forever. I’m looking forward to seeing what adventures unfold for us this afternoon.

How is your week going?


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