In the kitchen

Sitting in Will’s music room again, writing in my favorite corner. An empty plate to my left, instruments and Will’s various hats in a bin to my right. We are both tired lately — not news, I know. Still, today is Friday and we only have to get through these next few hours until we can declare the weekend truly here. Our afternoons are usually our busiest times.

The week was defined by a series of comfort meals: chicken with capers and tomatoes, beef stew, creamy broccoli soup, a pot of black beans and a heart of palm salad. This morning, I baked a honey pie. Tonight, we’ll eat a simple pasta dinner.

I found most of these recipes from Tessa Kiros’s cookbook Apples For Jam. It’s a beautiful, thick book filled with recipes geared toward children. Kiros organizes the recipes by color, making the book ideal for flipping through for quick inspiration. I also cooked from Pati Jinich’s cookbook Pati’s Mexican Table. Earlier in the week we went to La Michoacana for ingredients like epazote, tortillas, and cotija cheese. The beans were just superb and the whole pot of them is gone already.

The pie recipe is from the Four & Twenty Blackbirds cookbook. This book is organized into season, and the honey pie is under the Spring section. Every time I bake pie I learn something new, and this morning was no different. I know more about how much dough to leave hanging over the pie dish, how to partially pre-bake a crust, how deep of a pie pan I should use for custard pies, etc. I enjoyed working with the pastry dough this time around — I used Plugra butter and put the whole thing together the night before. I let the dough come back to room temperature before rolling it out, and used just enough flour to prevent any sticking to the kitchen table. In the past, I’ve had the hardest time — I’m grateful for this positive experience because it gives me hope for continuous improvement the more I practice.

Ms. Debbie over at My Cottage Garden gave me the lavender flowers to candy and top the pie with. I only used one drop of lavender oil in the custard itself (as opposed to four), but between that and the lavender sprinkles it was definitely strong enough for me.

So, these are the comings and goings of my kitchen this week. I’m going to sit on the front porch for a bit while the house is quiet. I hope you all have a great weekend.


2 thoughts on “In the kitchen

  1. Oh my goodness, I have the Four and Twenty Blackbird pie cookbook as well. I appreciate that is arranged according to season. I was going to make this exact pie for Easter but opted to do a rhubarb tart instead. I think I need to circle back to making this one (maybe before I have a baby) after seeing your post! Looks lovely.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment!! I’ve just been able to reply now. Yes, I’m getting ready to look into the summer chapter pretty soon. Thanks again.

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