A Midday Summer’s Daydream

Writing on the front porch again. I hear the crows overhead cawing and feel the balmy wind as it blows over the lake. I suspect rain later today. A cup of cold coffee leftover from this morning’s breakfast sits on the table. I take a sip and think about Rowan, asleep on the bed for his afternoon nap. I think about Will and Piper, and see them eating lunch together at the dining table as Will also prepares for his performance tomorrow morning.

It’s all a bit noisy now, with cars and trucks whizzing down the street. I want to go somewhere quiet, or at least somewhere where the noises are peaceful. I want to go to the sea and hear the waves roll in and out. To hear my children laughing as they chase each other along the shore. To listen as my husband lets out a wild yip of delight as he dives into the sea’s vast waters. To know again the sound of the wind combing palm leaves, the laughter of gulls, and then the quiet stillness as dusk approaches.

I want to see stars on a dark night, to feel overwhelmed by the universe in all its magnificent beauty. I want to share that wonderful, prickly feeling that makes the hair on the back of my arms stand up with Will and our children.

In the mornings I rise and wrap myself in a bathrobe. I put the kettle on for a cup of coffee, place bread in the toaster and scramble some eggs or put a pot of oatmeal on the stove. There is peace in this routine. The children chase each other, often times pushing one another’s buttons, as Will and I stand bleary eyed and wild haired in the kitchen getting ready for another day. Another day that is very similar to the day before, and can seem to blend into the one following. The children play and change and grow before our eyes. I want to rub the sleep from my eyes and grasp these moments, to live in them fully. To take them to the sea, to stargaze.

And one day, to have a family dog.

I am a complete dog person. They love so unconditionally, and always seem to know when you need extra kisses. Yesterday I visited my friend Rachelle and snuggled with her pup Lily. Lily’s a great big girl with a face almost the size of my own. She does things like eat shoes and try and catch flies with her mouth. When she sits in the chair with me, she takes up most of the room. Though, to be fair, she does not mind when I curl up against her instead. I want a dog to love on; one that likes running and swimming with Will, and playing fetch and walking with the children. Another member of our family, to take on our adventures. One that will perhaps take us on some!

Time to go for now — until the next time!


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